a year in the making

Ahhhh. Working more or less fulltime really makes you appreciate the days off, doesn’t it? I slept in a bit and am loving the nice quiet house. Not that it’s a lazy day, I need to get lots of stuff done! And it’s not like I’m just home all day either, there’s the matter of knit night back down at the store…

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten some photos of an FO, just off the needles the other day – just a pair of stupidly easy legwarmers.

comfy legwarmers

I started (and completed) one whole one last winter, but it was so warm last year that I didn’t really have incentive to finish the second one! I’m glad I picked it back up and knitted the second one – it only took a few days.

Yarn: Lana Gatto VIP, 80% merino, 20% cashmere, 2 skeins
Needles: 3mm circular (magic loop), 7 sts/in
Pattern: Cast on 80 and knit till you run out of yarn!

They’re sooooo soft and comfy. I think I’ll be wearing them a lot this year – Denny’s influence has gotten me off wearing pants for the most part, so I’m armed with some longer skirts and lots of tights for the upcoming season. Not that I’m never going to wear pants, but I think it’ll be “skirts with occational pants” rather than “pants with occational skirts”.

rolled edge

Off to can what is probably the last batch of tomatoes!






8 responses to “a year in the making”

  1. Carmen Avatar

    I love your leg warmers. I, too, wear only “longish” skirts and in the wintertime it’s tights and leg warmers…purple with red, yellow with purple, etc…and of course, the classic black on black. It’s a fun way…I also add a bit of crocheted (sp?) lace at the bottom of some leg warmers just so they “peep” from the hem. Fun!

    Now, where did you get your yarn???? Am looking for the VIP for the Threepenny sweater….

  2. Megan Avatar

    I love the legwarmers! I’ve been wanting to make a pair for myself forever but I just never think of them when I got to cast on for something new…

  3. Amy Avatar

    What was the justification for the skirt switch, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I’ve been considering a pants ban myself after reading an article in Craft magazine about how pants never flatter hips, ever, and after reading that Debbie Stoller never wears pants.

    I feel like skirts are more me and as an added bonus easier to make but with the cold Ottawa winters I’m a little undecided.

  4. Alison Avatar

    I might have to try making legwarmers again this winter. I did a ribbed pair that really didn’t work out so well last winter. I really like the look of your stockinette ones . . . hmm . . . :)

  5. alison Avatar

    I love these. I’ve been thinking of something similar to wear with boots and a skirt, to avoid bulky feet but have the benefits of toasty legs.

  6. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    You’re probably not old enough to remember the last time legwarmers were in fashion. No self-respecting teenager would have been seen without them in the early 1980s. Of course, we wore them OVER our pants. With tunics. Yes, we were fashionistas for sure. Wanna see my Michael Jackson glove?

  7. Jodie Avatar

    I’ve given the whole skirts in the winter thought, and I have a hard time deciding how to wear them. You should give us some modeled shots of your leg warmers with the skirts.

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