I’m sure you’ve seen Ysolda’s awesome TNNA booth around the internets, but I’ve some photos to share too! Who cares that they’re a little late?

the whole booth

Looking into the booth from the aisle. Featuring Olgajazzzy in the middle!

gudrun's corner

Gudrun’s beautiful corner.

sweaters and shawls

My own corner!

fab posters for Little Red in the City

I LOVE these posters for Ysolda’s upcoming book, Little Red in the City – those buttons and skeins of yarn were surprisingly difficult to pin up there though!

small bob

Small Bob hangin’ with the toys and trains.

photobooth photos

Fantastic photos hanging outside the photobooth. So fun.

And for a bit of knitting content, the shrug I was working on before TNNA, and before I was sidelined by my elbow pain:

sweetgeorgia merino silk DK

It’s in