blue skies

I spent all of last week in Boston, exploring, meeting up with friends, and eating. The weather was good for the most part – a little dreary during the week, but totally beautiful on the weekend. I spent a couple hours at the Museum of Fine Arts on a drizzly day:

museum of fine arts

I carried my camera around a lot, but I didn’t really take any other photos – like of biking around, exploring Porter Square, Jamaica Plain and the South End, and meeting up with people for drinks and Alice in Wonderland. I did, however, manage to take a few photos of food I made while there! Mmmm, food. (I didn’t make the Boston Cream Pie, that was from Flour Bakery!)


Back soon with Actual Knitting Content.

10 Responses to “a slow re-entry”

  1. pia

    Oh that makes me homesick! (I’m a NE native and my last year in Boston was in JP…) Flour is so good!

  2. JJ

    oh, you were in JP? I live in JP – moved here in fal 2009. I hope you loved it. I certainly do.

  3. jackie

    pizza, bananas foster, b.c.pie and a frittata:-) yummy!!!!How was the museum? any special exhibit?

  4. yoel

    So lovely! It’s terribly cold but at least clear in Boston. Your food looks delish!

  5. Seanna Lea

    I was thrilled that this weekend was good weather, and it has been good most of this week so far!

    How was the Boston Cream Pie? I’ve not managed to try Flour Bakery yet.


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