a slight delay

First off, thank you to everyone who left a kind comment on Serrano! I’m very pleased with how it all came out in the time that I had to work on it (about a month to design and knit everything). I hope to see lots of them popping up in blogland!

I’d really wanted to do a yarn substitution post for it tonight, but alas the photos came out…crappy. I’ll have to take them again in the daylight, so it might be another day or two.

School’s started – I had two classes today. Intense. Yeah, that’s it.

I was knitting away on the back of the Sienna cardigan, and reached the beginning of the armhole shaping when I decided to take count. I surprised myself a bit by discovering I’d cast on for the 40″ sweater! I really thought I was doing the 36″. But as it turns out, my gauge is tighter and it’s coming out to be just about 37″, which would be just right. I’ve actually been thinking that I’ve been making my sweaters perhaps a touch on the small side – maybe it’s time for a few bigger ones. After all, some of the sweaters I wear most often (such as the Must Have Cardigan, which I wear SO much in the winter) are a bit bigger.

Still chipping away at the work knitting. And dyeing…lots of dyeing, mainly for the store. I really need an army of crockpots behind my lonely one – I think I’ll be hitting up the closest Goodwill this weekend, since I can drive there and not have to lug a crockpot home on the subway!

I really really want to cast on for something new. Alas, the pile of work grows and I really need to concentrate on what I’ve got, I think.



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11 responses to “a slight delay”

  1. dennymcmillan Avatar

    do you have any undyed mernio?
    I’m out dude. Could you hook me up with a pound or two? 1/2 a pound. Please……
    I got nothing to dye over here man….please…. bring it tonight I got cash. It’s BAD man help me out.

  2. Liz K. Avatar

    Honestly, I was just so happy to see a note regarding ease in your pattern notes for Serrano. This is such a critical issue when choosing a size, and rarely is advice given to the knitter about the intended ease of the pattern. THANK YOU!

  3. grumperina Avatar

    I was so impressed with your cardi in Knitty! it is truly one of my favorite designs in a long, long time. What I like about it is that it’s knit out of fingering weight yarn (perhaps even a hot-head like myself could wear it), and then blocked to the proper dimensions. Great idea!

  4. CatBookMom Avatar

    I *thought* that was you in the picture! But I didn’t recognize your given name. I really like the design and the color, and as Grumperina posted, it’s a nice lightweight sweater that we of the over-heated group can wear. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for being so generous with your designs.

  5. megan h. Avatar
    megan h.

    the sweater looks almost as good on knitty as it does in real life. congrats, laura!

  6. fluttercrafts Avatar

    Serrano is completely fabulous, thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

  7. evergreenknits Avatar

    I agree that Serrano is one of the most fabulous designs I’ve seen lately. Beautiful fit. Thoughtful construction. I’m sure you’ll start to see them popping up in blogland in no time!

  8. Julia Avatar

    I neglected to pop over to say congrats on serrano – it is great! I love the pattern, color, everything!

  9. Gina Avatar

    I am days behind on blog reading and Knitty. Congratulations. I think Serrano is gorgeous, and thank you! thank you! thank you! for addressing the issue of ease.

  10. Kelly Avatar

    Serrano is absolutely beautiful! You are a genius!

  11. Natalie Avatar

    Thanks so much for sizing it up to 58″! It’s a great looking sweater and I’m thrilled to see that I’m not going to have to do much–if any–pattern rewriting when I make it (it’s become the next big project in the queue).

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