a little short

I’m very close to finishing that first goal:

I started the ribbing, took the picture, then stood up and looked in the mirror and decided that I want it to be a few inches longer. I’ll do those few inches in ribbing. But…

I’ve only got that much yarn left of the second ball for this sock. I was saving the remaining two balls of yarn (I ordered six) for a matching Betty, which calls for 2 balls of fixation. I just checked elann, and the stock of this colour is only 15! I don’t want to order more and have too much, but I don’t want to run out either. I also really don’t want to spend money…although I just checked how much it’ll be if I order another 2 balls (enough so that I’d have enough yarn for a pair of normal socks after these are done) and it’s under $15.00.

Hmmmm. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens with this sock – maybe I won’t need much of the reserved yarn.






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