a little bit blue

vintage blue cardigan, done

Finally, an FO photo of this one.

Vintage “Pink” Cardigan
Pattern: Interweave Knits, Spring 2005, by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton, 9 skeins
Vintage mother of pearl buttons from ebay

A loooong time coming. The buttons kept popping out of the holes so I decided to just sew them in, starting at the top – once I got a little ways in, I decided that I since I usually wear cardigans at least partly open, I’d leave the rest. I kinda like how it looks buttoned only at the top! I split the yarn and used two plies to sew the buttons on with.

I really love the front edging, but the cabled edge does roll a bit. Needs another blocking, maybe. The buttons are vintage, from some ebay seller that Alexandra told me about – I love them, but they’re a bit too small and thin for this particular sweater; hence, the popping out of the buttonholes.

vintage blue cardigan

I really, really like this yarn. It’s awesome – light and comfortable, stretchy, lots of yardage. I’d definitely use it again. I think I got this bag from Jeanette on ebay for a good price.

Thanks for all the condolences on the loss of my bike. I did file a police report but of course, I don’t expect to get my bike back or anything. It turns out that the guy actually abandoned his own bike in front of my house! The good part of the police actually coming to the house (rather than over the phone) was that they could take that away. It was probably stolen, anyway.

Here’s a photo of me and my bike (and my turtleneck shrug) from last year.

my bike

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20 responses to “a little bit blue”

  1. debbie Avatar

    i love the edging of the sweater also – so pretty, you did such a nice job! sorry about your bike – hope you can recover it or at least find another that you like….

  2. Anna Avatar

    I usually wear cardigans like that, too. I love the blue, it looks great on you!

  3. Lani Avatar

    I love your cardigan, the color is so vibrant and just lovely! I’m sorry to hear about your bike though! Crazy that they would come in your garage to get it!

  4. Patty Avatar

    The cardigan is just beautiful! All of your sweaters are. You are truly an inspiration for me to get back on the horse and try sweaters again. Thank you, from the bottom of my knitting basket!

  5. Linda in Waterloo Avatar
    Linda in Waterloo

    Toronto bike thieves must like blue Treks. My son’s was stolen at Bay and Dundas in under 10 minutes. Right in front of a security guard at the Canadian Tire. First time out of lock up in Toronto. He’d had it since ’98 in Waterloo and Guelph. Very upsetting. Searched the sneaky bike shops for it but thinks it was moved to Barrie or somewhere for sale. What a racket there is going on. When he gets another bike he is going to look into the UofT bike program to protect it a bit. If you gave police the serial number they have a better chance of recovering it. Sorry to hear about this. It’s really a shame.

  6. Lolly Avatar

    Beautiful cardigan! I love the vintage buttons too :) The yarn knits up into a lovely texture.

  7. grumperina Avatar

    Hey, I’ve got one of those! It looks great on you – so girly but practical at the same time!

  8. Penny Avatar

    That sweater looks beautiful in bright blue! I wonder how it would look in scarlet…sorry to hear about your bike. :(

  9. jess Avatar

    the sweater looks great! I like it buttoned at the top.

    I was sorry to read about your bike — funny, that looks a lot like mine (is it a ’01 trek 6700 wsd?). :(

  10. Sarah Avatar

    I love the color! I usually wear sweaters partly open too, either like yours or the opposite with the bottom ones buttoned.

  11. rachel Avatar

    “Pink” looks very well done. The vintage buttons are a nice touch with that design.

  12. PaulaRed Avatar

    i have the same bike as in the picture–I ride a lot–hope you get a replacement. Sweater cute too.

  13. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    I love that cabled button band! I always seem to have trouble getting the buttons to fit. I usually end up getting buttons a little too small, then doing a reinforcing stitch around the button holes. Time consuming and tedious, but effective.

  14. Sheila Avatar

    I love how the cable is placed on the button band. It really addes character. I know how you feel about someone stealing your bike from your garage. That happened to us. They stole the bikes and left their crappy bikes at our curb.

  15. Asaknitter Avatar

    It’s blue-tiful! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I do really like it.

  16. nuttnbunny Avatar

    Truly… that blue!

  17. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Sorry about the bike. That sucks.

  18. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Duh, and the cardigan is great.

  19. MezzoDiva Avatar

    My deepest condolences on the theft of your bike. My first Trek bike was stolen a week after I bought it (ten years ago)! It was insured, but of course the deductible was just higher than the cost of the bike, and if I had claimed for it, my rates would have gone up. So I just bit the bullet ahnd bought a new one. I was so mad – I still see red, when I think about it!

  20. Patricia Avatar

    Great sweater in a lovely shade of blue. i love the placket. Hope your get another bike soon.

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