a frolickin’ good time

Whew. I am totally bagged – and I still have to make an attempt to study tonight! At least for a little while.

The Knitter’s Frolic was awesome. Tons of familiar faces, lots to see and buy, of course! And it was certainly different to be on the vendor’s side of things for once. Both good and bad – mostly good, but the bad part: I was driving to the JCCC last night to help megan set up everything. Now, I don’t usually drive much – I like driving but hate traffic! I don’t think I get along with cars very well.

Long story short, I snapped a drive belt which caused my power steering to fail. The battery light was on. I drive a minivan – the turning without power steering? Not so fun. I was close to the JCCC and managed to park in a nearby parking lot, and after setting up the booth with megan (I had to walk from my broken car to the Centre) I met up with my dad who had the car towed. Yep. This is why I don’t drive cars. I know I was vastly lucky that it happened the way it did.

Anyway. Yarn.

Full recap on buys (and there were many) tomorrow, but for now:

Vino sweatercoat

Vino Cardigan/Sweatercoat
Pattern: cosmicpluto handmade (aka me)
Yarn: 7 skeins Dream in Color worsted, 250 yards/4oz, In Vino Veritas
Needles: Denise US 9

Fabulous. Just perfect. I love it! And quite the steal at $20 per skein for squishy handdyed superwash merino. I used 5 buttons from Earthenwood Studios to close it.

Vino sweatercoat closer

It comes down to my knees, and anyone who tried it on at the Frolic will agree that it’s just super cosy and yummy to wear, but also clean and sleek looking.

Pattern and yarn are available through lettuce knit, by emailing or phoning us at (416)203-9970, 11am-6pm EST. The pattern is $8, and comes in sizes 36″, 40″, and 44″, requiring 7 (7, 8 ) skeins of the Dream in Color yarn.

I will wear this sweater all the time. I’m already thinking about knitting another one!



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34 responses to “a frolickin’ good time”

  1. May Avatar

    Oh saw this today and it looked great! I had no idea it’s one of your designs. I really like it!

  2. weaverknits Avatar

    I just clicked open your page, saw this, said “OH MY GOD!” and made my husband come over and look at it. I’ll be calling Lettuce Knit for this one, and the yarn that goes with it… and maybe some other yarns, like what happened when I ordered your Belle shrug pattern… you people at Lettuce Knit are so BAD.

  3. Corvus Avatar

    Many long sweater coats hide the figure; this one appears to accent it wonderfully. Bravo! It’s gorgeous.

  4. Shannon Avatar

    Very nice – sure beats the sweater coats my grandma used to knit for my mom! Unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range right now – maybe someday!

  5. Thalia Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the colorway, and the design does look sleek, pretty, and yet simple. I love it! Wear it well. :)

  6. Andrea Avatar

    Show the purchases!!

    Loved the sweater. If I enjoyed making sweaters, I would make it. Might need more of that Dream in Colours yarn.

  7. Katie Avatar

    My first car had no power steering (it wasn’t made with it). It was just a small hatchback, but parallel parking it was a major workout!

    Vino looks great.

  8. Sabrina Avatar

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing, nice work!

  9. Ana Avatar

    You are a knitting machine, what a speed!!! Seriously, I love the way it looks: classy, cozy,and fit for every day. Fantastic job!

  10. Kellie Avatar

    utterly gorgeous!! I totally adore this design and colourway – fab!

  11. emily elizabeth Avatar

    Lovely! Great job, looks perfect for the fall, or cool summer days. :)

  12. Adrienne Avatar

    Very beautiful!

  13. pamela wynne Avatar

    love how this turned out! I can’t wait to see your purchases…

  14. Faith Avatar

    I’m always amazed at your talent and immaculate sense of of aesthetics. Yet another fabulous pattern! I love it.

  15. Natalie Avatar

    I think I saw you wearing that at Frolic, it’s gorgeous. I wish I had come up and felt it’s squishyness, but I was feeling a little shy! It was really nice to see the Lettuce Knit regulars there.

  16. jen Avatar

    Wow! It looks so comfy! Great for blustery days!

  17. heatherly Avatar

    it is so lovely! i adore it!

  18. jenna Avatar

    Damn, that is fabulous. The color and shaping and length and everything are perfection!

  19. Dr. Steph Avatar

    covet covet covet covet.

    It’s almost a little sad that the weather is getting warmer. I love this coat.

  20. Jillian Avatar

    Laura, this is lovely. I’m sure it looks fantastic on.

  21. joy Avatar

    truly beautiful!

  22. juno Avatar

    Are you trying to kill me?

  23. Alison Avatar

    Oh! Gorgeous!

  24. Cristina Avatar

    your awesome. thats all i have to say.

  25. Romi Avatar

    WOW! It’s gorgeous!

  26. Kirsten Avatar

    Gorgeous! I love sweater coats – I’ve been wanting to make one. This might be just the thing.

  27. Michelle Avatar

    Thanks for letting me try it on at the Frolic. This is an amazing design. I bought the Belle Shrug too and can’t wait to make that.

  28. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Laura!

    WOW…amazing design!! I like how you designed it to have ribbing on the bottom to give weight and stability. The shaping looks very flattering to every shape/size! Okay, you’ve INSPIRED me to someday knit a sweatercoat!? How long did it take you to knit it up?

    Happy Knitting!

  29. scott Avatar

    If there was a guild for knitters you would qualify as a Master — your ability to finish is amazing.

  30. Allison Avatar

    With the wedding/honeymoon, I am so behind on reading knitting blogs. I just came across this post last night and I have to tell you that that sweater is GORGEOUS! I may have to knit myself one. I’ll have to check out LK for the pattern and yarn next time I’m in Toronto.

  31. Soma….

    Soma side effects. Soma….

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