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I finished this sweater sometime last winter; I think I didn’t blog about it because I was thinking of submitting it somewhere. Oh well, time has come and gone, and I pulled it out the other day to wear and snapped some photos.

Button Raglan
Pattern: my own
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza, 50% wool, 50% llama. I think it was…five skeins of the main colour?
Needles: 5 mm

It’s a bottom up raglan which grew kind of a lot when I washed it – so it’s a bit big, but super warm. That’s all I really wanted out of it!

Laying flat photo – after my photo editing software did something weird to it:

I got the buttons off a leather vest I thrifted for $2 (I used some of the leather to make soles for felted slippers last Christmas, too).

Now. The handspun Rhinebeck sweater is coming along swimmingly!

I’ve finished the second sleeve, obviously, and attached everything together for the yoke. Took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do for the colourwork, but I think I have my plan now. Unfortunately…my first schmancy fair isle pattern doesn’t show up very well.

It’s a star and diamond motif. Ah, well, it looks cool, even if you can’t see the pattern exactly. I’ve just done the first decrease round and am a bit stalled because the next colour yarn is still drying. I’m taking the opportunity to do the bottom ribbing on the body – I don’t have much of the main colour yarn left, so I think I’m going to tip the edging in the dark brown. I almost forgot how fun stranded colourwork is!

Interweave’s winter preview is up, and it looks pretty good. Bonus big photos, even!

Oh, and lettuce knit-ers? You know that course I’ve been kvetching about, the evolution one that’s all stats? I’ve dropped it. Yayy!! It means I’ll have to do five courses next term, but they’ll be better ones.



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22 responses to “a forgotten FO”

  1. Olga Avatar

    I love the button raglan! Do you think that you might write it up someday?

  2. Megan Avatar

    The colorwork sweater looks great! And the button raglan is wonderful; it looks like it would just be the perfect sweater to snuggle up in.

  3. grumperina Avatar

    I’m loving your handspun sweater… and the stripey one is too cute! I love how you placed the buttons between ridges of knit stitches… very neat and pretty!

  4. cookie Avatar

    That raglan looks so comfy! And the fair isle yoked sweater is looking awesome. I find that my fair isle looks crappy until I block it.

  5. Julia Avatar

    I love your old FO! Cute buttons. And I really like the colors you’ve chosen for the yoke on this.

  6. anne-so Avatar

    I love your button raglan !! That would be great if you could write it up !
    The Rhinebeck sweater seems very exciting too ! I love such lopi-sweaters.

  7. Lisa Avatar

    Both sweaters look great! You should write up the pattern for the button raglan and sell it. I would certainly buy it.

  8. nova Avatar

    I love the raglan sweater, I too would purchase the pattern should you ever decide to write it up. I like the colors you have chosen for the yoke of your sweater. I look forward to seeing the finished product at Rhinebeck!

  9. alison Avatar

    Weird!! I’ve been planning the exact same raglan in my head, and I have buttons from the thrift store to put on it. What’s up with that?

  10. Tanya Avatar

    I love the buttoned raglan — it’s so cute! The handspun sweater is very impressive, as well.

  11. Diane Murphy Avatar

    oh, laura….the rhinebeck sweater looks lovely

  12. jenna Avatar

    I love the Rhinebeck sweater!! Now I’m getting itchy to try Fair Isle…

  13. Allison Avatar

    I hope you write that pattern up. The button part is so neat (do people still say neat?).

  14. Kirsten Avatar

    Both sweaters look great. That fair isle with the homespun is going to be a beauty!

  15. Sarah Avatar

    I’d buy the pattern for the raglan too.

  16. Steph Avatar

    So when you’re finished your beautiful Rhinebeck sweater can you help me finish mine? Maybe in the car? I’ll bring chocolate…

    I love the raglan. You’re giving me good ideas for a bunch of art fibres sherlock that I want to do a raglan with.

  17. Siri Avatar

    I, too, would love to see the pattern written up. Great, classic design, once again.

  18. Lolly Avatar

    I love the button raglan – what a fabulous piece!

  19. lily michaud Avatar

    The verdict is in, you must write it up. Tres Cute Stripey.

  20. Greeley Avatar

    Must have pattern for button raglan! Where’s that paypal button? :)

  21. laughingmuse Avatar

    *cough cough* pattern? *cough cough*

    I have several skeins of Pastaza I’ve been hoarding – your sweater looks like a great use for them!

  22. Tasha Avatar

    I’d like to revive the pleading for a pattern for the raglan button sweater! Pleeeeeease?

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