a different kind of productive

Last night I spent some time balling and organizing some of my yarn (note: only some, not the stuff seen in earlier pictures of my yarn shelf that was actually on the shelves). I put all the needles and acrylics I’m not really going to use ever in an opaque tub, and the good stuff in clear bins – I need to be reminded visually that I have the stuff!

In the bin on the left is all blue and white cottons and cotton blends. I see a scrapy wrap sometime soon, but probably not until the actual spring or summer. In the right bin is other stuff – reds, wools, other yarns, and the really little scrap balls in a plastic bag.

I’ve finished the first tall sock!

It’s not quite a long as I wanted, but I’m just sick of knitting it, I think. Now to finish the other one…

Oh, and here’s a nice sunny shot of the secret project (several of you will know what this is):

It’s so nice out today! I’m going to open up my blinds and my window, to let in some nice fresh air…while I study.






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