So apparently all this finishing has pissed off the Knitting Goddesses. I was even getting ready to write a post called “The secrets to my success” (which include being able to knit quickly, knitting ALL THE TIME, doing simple stockinette pieces, etc) so obviously, I was getting cocky and needed to be busted down a peg.

Which brings me to the Licorice Cardi. I’ve sewing up the facing, knit a collar (which in itself was a bit of a trial), and woven in the ends. I’ve also done one underarm seam. (Please excuse the bluriness, I seem to have pissed off the photography gods too.)

Lined up all nice, stitches that had been on holders from the sleeve and body.

Now…you remember how my fronts had different numbers of stitches? Yeah.

See that bit of red yarn? It’s the underarm stitches held from the sleeve.

There should be a corresponding piece of red yarn holding the underarm stitches from the body. There is not.


Oh well, I’m sure as hell not ripping it out.







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  1. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    Bloglines is still not showing any updates when you have a new post. Just to let you know.

  2. Brenda Avatar

    I always quote Elizabeth ZImmermann at times like these. In knitting she says ” fudging is not only allowed, it is encouraged.” GOod luck with your fudging.

  3. Leah Avatar

    Awww….good luck hun! It will all work out! Can’t wait to see how it comes out?!!!!!

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