Month: February 2015

  • Knit, rip, repeat

    Silly me, I finished both of those hats for my grandmother but didn’t take any photos of them! I think she liked them, though – and she admitted that she lost the last hat I made her (probably 5+ years ago). I got new business cards! It’s been ages since I ordered some. I think […]

  • Hat, and hat, and hat

    There’s a lot to love about knitting hats – they’re (usually) quick and take only a bit of yarn, you can learn a lot while making them, and they’re useful! If you’re new to knitting hats, Karen from Fringe Association has a great all-about-hats thing going on right now! I shared this photo on Instagram, […]

  • sewing for jess

    Awhile ago my friend Jess lamented on Twitter that she had all these lovely fabrics from her travels in India but no time to sew it up, what with two little ones! So I volunteered to take the fabric and turn it into a quilt for her (with the understanding that it might take a […]