Warning: Garden Carnage

Someone asked in the comments why we’re wrapping all the containers with mesh – it’s like a plastic chicken wire, much easier to work with than metal wire.

zucchini carnage

It’s because we have horrible, horrible squirrels (and other critters, but I’m mostly blaming the squirrels).

zucchini carnage

Everything was looking so nice, especially since this is the first time I’ve managed to actually grow zucchini on the balcony.

zucchini carnage

Came home on Monday to discover that apparently surrounding the bin with mesh wasn’t enough! They totally got in there and messed up the plants but good, trampling the flowers, eating chunks off the zucchini, ugh. We ended up putting even more mesh over the top of the bins and tying them down. So now even we can’t get into the bins without some effort. I know squash is very resilient, and it’ll make more – as long as we keep the critters out. I’m glad they only attacked the squash this time.

Otherwise, things are going swimmingly. Some rain and heat this week means BIG GROWTH!

garden, June 25

garden, June 25

garden, June 25

The cucumber has to climb outside the bin – I hope we’ll be able to get the cucumbers before they get attacked.

go peas go!

The peas are starting to plump up!

sweet cherry peppers

eggplant leaves

I love going out each day to see what’s new in the garden.

Crafting content? I did finish spinning up some new yarns! These are from Woolgatherings on Etsy, and they were totally beautiful to spin. On the left is Blue Faced Leicester, on the right is superwash merino.

woolgathering handspuns

I also have a new post up on Craftsy: Preparing Fiber for Spinning. Check it out!


The garden is growing really well these days! I’m sure it could be hotter, weather-wise, for the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant – but I love this cooler weather.

Garden overview, June 12:

garden, June 12

garden, june 12

The cucumber is climbing! We got exactly 1 cucumber last year, but I have high hopes for this one.


The sweet cherry peppers are flowering…

pepper flower

..and little ones are appearing!

sweet cherry pepper

The zucchini also failed rather spectacularly last year, but this year we have 130L tubs to grow in! Pretty flower with a tiny zucchini behind it.


We have two types of Asian eggplant growing – white and magenta. I also sowed some radishes in there to make the most of the space.


The peas are giant, and just started flowering.


A new variety of tomato for me this year – Riesenstraube. Looking good, nice and bushy.

Riesenstraube tomato

The bigger tomatoes are flowering too!

tomato flowers

The indoor herbs are doing well too, though the lettuce was over-seeded and got all leggy. This morning I harvested what there was, took out the stems, and re-seeded more thinly for a new crop.

indoor herbs

In crafting news, I finally finished this guy – and one row of my Superhero alphabet.


And I started a new summery shrug, out of madelinetosh pashmina. I had to take the weekend off to rest my arm, but I’m hoping to get lots done this week.

summery shrug

A Friday

Spinning up some colourful BFL.


A skirt in progress! This linen one’s been cut out for ages (seriously, years) and I just finally sewed it up. Just needs to be hemmed.

skirt in progress

(Whoops, the waist elastic is a bit unruly! Need to tack that down.)

skirt in progress

New yarn!

Indochine by Lantern Moon

The awesome people at Lantern Moon sent me some of their new yarn to try out. Indochine is 100% silk, sport weight, and 134 yds per 50g. This dark purple colour is lovely! The yarn has a nice silky crunch to it and lots of plies (which I like). Can’t wait to cast on with it! I have a few ideas.

Indochine by Lantern Moon

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I hope your weekend is sunny and fun! I’ll be going to a baseball game tonight (my first), and doing some more gardening.