Monday Things

panoply of peacocks

I started a new quick project with some Alisha Goes Around worsted weight that’s been marinating in my stash for years. This awesome green is a little tough to photograph, but I think it’ll turn out nicely.

crab stitchin'

My crocheted blanket is finally done! I did a couple rounds of double crochet, then a round of crab stitch around the whole thing. Just needs a bath.

Aaaaaaand, guess what! I’m now a Craftsy blog writer!

Check out my first post! It’s the first in a series of Spinning Basics. Great info to know whether you’re an experienced spinner or just starting out. I’m really excited to be writing for Craftsy, and I hope you’ll check out the blog!


Monday Treats

I’m pretty deeply into a couple of deadline projects at the moment, but I was able to get out to the Spring Toronto Indie Arts Market at the Gladstone Hotel on Saturday, and I picked up a couple of cute treats! Lots of the vendors were knitting behind their tables.

from the herd

Sweet cards from Gotamago on Etsy.

pretty buttons

Very cute leaf buttons from

you've changed

It was really beautiful this weekend. We also did a little bit of garden prep: bought some compost and nutrients to mix into last year’s soils, emptied and threw out some cracked old pots, set up our deck table and chairs. I’m pretty excited for this year’s garden.

sprouts - April 14

Make Do and Mend

Here’s a short project I did this morning – Dale asked me to mend the sleeve of one of his spring jackets, so I thought I’d take a few photos to document it.

jacket mending 1

The seam on the outer part of the ribbed cuff had come open. I couldn’t sew it from the wrong side because the cuff is folded over and sewn down inside.

jacket mending 2

Mattress stitch to the rescue! I used doubled grey sewing thread and pretty big sewing needle.

jacket mending 3

Tighten up along the way.

all done!

All done! I sewed over the loose threads from the previous seam, knotted the end of my thread and pulled the needle through to the inside, securing the knot inside the two layers of the cuff. It took all of five minutes, and now it’s much neater. Of course, had this been one of my handknits, the ribbing would line up perfectly at the seam – but you get what you pay for with ready-to-wear.

Now I can get back to some soothing stockinette, in Handmaiden Casbah.

mmm, stockinette

Hello to my first little tomato sprout of 2014!

hello little sprout!