Make Do and Mend

Here’s a short project I did this morning – Dale asked me to mend the sleeve of one of his spring jackets, so I thought I’d take a few photos to document it.

jacket mending 1

The seam on the outer part of the ribbed cuff had come open. I couldn’t sew it from the wrong side because the cuff is folded over and sewn down inside.

jacket mending 2

Mattress stitch to the rescue! I used doubled grey sewing thread and pretty big sewing needle.

jacket mending 3

Tighten up along the way.

all done!

All done! I sewed over the loose threads from the previous seam, knotted the end of my thread and pulled the needle through to the inside, securing the knot inside the two layers of the cuff. It took all of five minutes, and now it’s much neater. Of course, had this been one of my handknits, the ribbing would line up perfectly at the seam – but you get what you pay for with ready-to-wear.

Now I can get back to some soothing stockinette, in Handmaiden Casbah.

mmm, stockinette

Hello to my first little tomato sprout of 2014!

hello little sprout!



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  1. Diane Avatar

    Welcome, little sprout! For the first time since I have been starting my own seedlings I experienced total seedling germination failure! I am attributing this to using a different seed starting medium since all other factors were the same. It was a quality brand but not my usual. I will be replanting this week. This may be the only good thing about our late spring. I won’t be so behind.

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