Month: July 2013

  • Almost

    I finished hemming my Wiksten tank, with plans to wear it to a family barbecue this past weekend, but sadly when I went to get dressed, a problem became apparent. See how the left shoulder in the photo is a bit higher than the other? Especially with my smallish shoulders, this translated to a really […]

  • State of the Garden, July 19

    The very first tomatoes are starting to ripen. There’s quite a bit of fruit on the plants! Most of them are healthy, but the tigerellas (above) were attacked pretty severely by flea beetles. They seem to have gone now (maybe burned up in the heat, ha) so maybe the plant will come back? At any […]

  • Heat Wave

    It’s really, really freaking hot out there this week – here in Toronto it’s always terribly humid in the summer, and the highs with the humidex this week are over 40C/104F! Luckily I’ve got lots of iced coffee and AC at home (mostly; it’s a long story) so it’s not too bad. I’ve also got […]