Month: April 2011

  • FO: Diva!

    It’s been a long, long time coming, but I finally finished my Diva sweater a few months ago! Took me ages to get some decent photos… Pattern: Diva by Hanne Falkenberg, in Dark Olive and Cyclamen – I think I bought the kit from CucumberpatchUK on ebay. Needles: 3mm Yarn: kit yarn; it was a […]

  • hey! it’s an FO!

    I haven’t done much this weekend, though I did book a few hotels for Leeds, Cardiff, and Swansea. Still need to do trains, and Ireland! Only 7 sleeps left…yikes. This weekend I made scallion pancakes, and had them in a Chinese feast along with egg drop soup and some broccoli. Nom. It’s a good thing […]

  • leeds?

    I’m thinking of going to Leeds instead of Newcastle – any recommendations for places to stay? Areas to avoid? This whole trip planning thing is overwhleming! And the planner in me thinks I’m leaving things way late. Luckily train tickets still look pretty reasonable since I won’t actually be going anywhere until the 2nd week […]