FO: Diva!

It’s been a long, long time coming, but I finally finished my Diva sweater a few months ago! Took me ages to get some decent photos…

Hanne Falkenberg's Diva

Pattern: Diva by Hanne Falkenberg, in Dark Olive and Cyclamen – I think I bought the kit from CucumberpatchUK on ebay.
Needles: 3mm
Yarn: kit yarn; it was a pretty delicate two ply lightweight wool, slightly scratchy, something like Jamieson’s.

This sweater took ages, but it was kind of nice to knit a sweater from someone else’s pattern for once. The shaping is unique and very interesting to knit! It took me ages to figure out what the heck was actually going on with some of the shaping. The collar was a LOT of knitting but it’s shaped with short rows in a really interesting way.

Hanne Falkenberg's Diva

Cons: It’s a little big. I knit the smallest size, which was supposed to 37″ – it’s a pretty good jacket size, but a little looser than I usually like my sweaters.

The sleeves are WAY long, about 4″ too long, and the collar kind of hits at a funny place. It’s difficult to find a good place to pin it closed that isn’t directly on my boob (which I have much more of than the pattern model), but it doesn’t really work worn open. From a design standpoint, the armholes are a little weird fitting – they’re not quite set in and not quite raglan.


I shouldn’t have seamed with the main yarn – it’s just a little too delicate for the task. I found this hole in the sleeve seam after washing. I should really fix that up.

Overall? Fun to knit, interesting construction. It doesn’t fit perfectly but I’m still happy I made it.

Hanne Falkenberg's Diva



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10 responses to “FO: Diva!”

  1. lemon Avatar

    I think it is the best pattern you have created so long! Amazing!

  2. Ann Avatar

    It’s very interesting to read your review of one of Hanne Falkenbergs models.
    She is Danish as I am. She lives a few miles from me and I know her very well.
    I have knitted 4-5 of her models and I have had the same experience as you with the sleeve seams and the main yarn, but I have never experienced problems with the size, armholes and so on, but I can see that the Diva would have made problems for me too with the collar and the sleeve length and the fiting in all.
    Maybe the stribes should have started just under the breast?
    I am very fond of Hanne Falkenberg’s models and interesting techniques, and I have learned not to think when I knit her patterns, but have faith in her knowing what she’s doing.

  3. Merna Avatar

    Except for the sleeve ends, it looks great on you Amy, collar, closure, all of it. The mom in me wants to tell you to fold those sleeve ends (cuffs?) back.

  4. Monique Avatar

    Laura this is very nice! I love the shawl collar and the diagonal strips. Nice color choices also. :)

  5. Sarah Avatar

    Really wanted to know your comments on knitting this pattern as I also knit Da Capo by Hanne Falkenberg. I had to learn to ‘trust’ the process & was amazed by her technique. I have to say that the biased knitting ‘feels’ incredible when you’re wearing the garment. That’s something that doesn’t translate in photos. As you said before, ‘that’s a whole lot of garter stitch going on.’

  6. Maryse Avatar

    It does seems like quite a lot of work, but looking at many of your designs, I don’t think you’re afraid of that! Great color combo!

  7. Becky Avatar

    It really does look nice on you — like a big cozy sweater for really cold days. I actually like how the belled cuffs go over your hands, no need for gloves in this one. It sounds like the process was good for you at the least.

  8. Wollgut Avatar

    That’s a *beautiful* sweater, and you look gorgeous in it! I’m sorry if the fit is weird–it’s not noticable in the pictures.

  9. Elizabeth Avatar

    You look lovely in anything. But really, fit is the reason I got into designing my own sweaters. Too many accidents over the years, too much time spent knitting something that didn’t quite fit in the end. Much easier to control the outcome when you’re the boss!

  10. Laura Avatar

    Yes, interesting. But what’s the gorgeous blue sweater with cable yoke collar that you have on in the last blog post?? Inquiring minds want to know….

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