dipped infinity scarf kits!

Check this out – Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts has put together some gorgeous kits for the Dipped Infinity Scarf! Each kit comes with enough of her beautiful fingering weight yarn for the project and a copy of the pattern as well. If you don’t see any in her Etsy store just at the moment, don’t worry – more are on their way!

On the gift knitting front, the second lozenge pattern sock is well past the heel so that should be done soon. And I’ve started another project, this one’s a request:

more red (and yellow)

Can you tell by the colours? No?

How about now?

on the way

Yep, it’s a Harry Potter scarf (Prisoner of Azkaban style, of course) for my sister. She put in her request early so obviously I didn’t get started until just this week! Ha! I’m loving the yarn I’m using – Cascade Venezia worsted for the red, and Misti Alpaca worsted for the gold. I’ve got about four repeats done, maybe 8 to go.

But since this one won’t really be “due” until Christmas Day, I might need to get started on some other smallish gifties that need to be done before then! I’d better get knitting.

progress, here and there

Socks are going. They feel slow when I’m knitting, but I suppose they’re actually going at a decent clip!

one down, one to go

They’re much more of a true grey than they look in this photo though (darn bluey daylight).

My red sweater is all sewn up, and blocked too – just needs buttons! And modelled photos, of course.


that time of year again

Not very many people get knitted gifts from me anymore – I did the whole ‘everything knitted’ thing one year but some people would really just prefer a Sephora gift card, you know?

But on my short list of gifts is a scarf, and some toys, maybe some weaving, and of course some socks.

birthday socks

These are actually ‘due’ in mid-December, so I really need to keep at them for a bit! I’m past the heel decreases on this one actually, hopefully I can just power through over the next week. I do love the yarn – it’s Austermann Royal, which is merino, silk, cashmere, and polyamid (nylon?). I bought it at Le Bon Marche in Paris so it’s a bit special!

Pattern is based on Nancy’s Bush’s gentleman’s sock with lozenge pattern (whew, that’s a mouthful) but basically I just looked at the starting point of the diamond pattern and figured my own from there. The recipient has feet on the smaller side, so I’m doing these on 70 stitches, and I just did a plain rib for the top of the sock.

Oh, and for those still left wondering a bit about my whole handbell group thing? Here’s a video! I’m not in it because I only joined a few months ago, but you get the idea!

There’s another video on Youtube here, but it’s a bit racy since it’s got a bit of burlesque in it!