Socks are going. They feel slow when I’m knitting, but I suppose they’re actually going at a decent clip!

one down, one to go

They’re much more of a true grey than they look in this photo though (darn bluey daylight).

My red sweater is all sewn up, and blocked too – just needs buttons! And modelled photos, of course.


10 Responses to “progress, here and there”

  1. Suzanne

    I absolutely love this cardigan–I cannot war to see it modelled! Looks fab and wearable on the dress form. Is this a pattern u are working in for sale? Must check ravelry and answer my own question!

    I knitted a milkweed shawl last month and I love it. Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Priscilla

    I love those colors for both of them. Can’t wait to see the sweater. The sweater looks so nice from what you have shown. What buttons will you be picking to add to it?


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