Month: July 2009

  • on the needles: a second take

    I started this project a long time ago (months!) with a much different shape in mind, but for once the knitting defeated me – it was just too much fabric in this laceweight yarn! So while on holiday I ripped it out and started again. It’s going much faster this time! The yarn is Blue […]

  • on the needles: hawaii inspired

    This trip I actually did more knitting than I expected to – I don’t tend to knit on planes, because I don’t feel comfortable and I’m usually sleeping anyway! But I did do a fair amount on the shorter inter-island flights, while waiting in the airports, and in the car. I hoped to get this […]

  • the big island

    I’m home! But I’ve still got lots to catch you all up on from the trip – the whole last week on the Big Island. Monday we drove the northern route to get to Volcanoes National Park – it was a long drive (about 4 hours), but the scenery was interesting. There’s lots of different […]