the big island

I’m home! But I’ve still got lots to catch you all up on from the trip – the whole last week on the Big Island.

Monday we drove the northern route to get to Volcanoes National Park – it was a long drive (about 4 hours), but the scenery was interesting. There’s lots of different types of landscapes on the island, from lava fields:

lava fields

To almost southwestern tribble-looking plants:

funky landscapes

To lush green rainforest and jungle.

Akaka Falls
(Akaka Falls)

Unfortunately, it was super rainy, cloudy, and cold, and once we got to the actual park we realized that we couldn’t really see much of anything! Plus, the main short route around the caldera is closed because of new volcanic activity.

kilauea caldera

You can just make out the rim of the caldera there. I could process the photo and bring it out more, but really, that’s what I saw. We decided to drive down Chain of Craters Road a little ways before turning back, and it delivered – there were some pretty big craters!

another crater

On Wednesday we took the Atlantis submarine tour, which goes 100ft down to the ocean floor. Photo taking is hard because the water filters out colours and makes everything blue and grey!

341.365 - fishy face


That was pretty much it for activities, for me – one of my sisters and my mom went on a snorkel tour, but I wasn’t too into it. Other than that, I did visit another coffee plantation and bought loads of Kona coffee, shopped for clothes, and lounged about.

Fun time in Hawaii, although it’s rather far away – the trip home was over 20 hours thanks to an 8-hour layover at Honolulu airport. And lugging 8 pounds of coffee in my luggage kinda sucked.

But apparently the next trip is already booked!

sunset on the Kona Coast



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6 responses to “the big island”

  1. Cheryl Avatar

    I remember seeing that sort of fish when I went snorkeling at Hanama Bay! Love the pictures=) Did you bring back lots of chocolate covered macadamia nuts?

  2. Wendolene Avatar

    Fun! Oddly enough, I think the lava field *and* the scenery in picture #2 kinda have a southwestern look (sans ocean in the background ; ) )
    What’s a tribble?

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the tribbles! I’m surprised the grasses looked so much like tribbles (I was expecting something visually much more like beach grass).

    Yummy coffee! I’m sure when you are drinking the coffee it will feel much more worth it to have lugged it all the way.

  4. darlene Avatar

    big island looks worth the wait!

  5. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Gorgeous! And hey, we were on the same submarine tour (but in different places). nifty.

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