sunday sky

Not fifteen minutes after I watered my plants, the sky opened up and it poured for a good little while. What’s more…

There was hail! Not too big, and I don’t think my plants suffered for it, but still – some crazy weather. And I stayed in all day, playing video games (er…Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3) and knitting my Knitty project. No photos, of course, but I do have some other stuff to show you guys:

I picked up a lonely skein of Sock Candy at the store a few weeks ago, and decided to make some anklets. I’m using US1 needles, which I’m finding more and more are unsuitable for me and most sock yarns (lorna’s, trekking) but are just right for this slightly thicker yarn. I really like how it’s turning out, and it’s going fast on 56 stitches.

Oh, and this is the cashmere I bought – the skein on the left is 100 yards of aran weight, and the cone is 640 yards of DK. As I said last time, I may have, upon receiving the package, gone directly back to the store and ordered 8 more skeins. It’s not super super soft feeling (like say, Handmaiden cashmere) but I have a good feeling about washing it up. The colours have me thinking of fall.

temptation, temptation

I don’t know if I’m just in a buying mood or what, but…there’s been spending. Not just yarn; I also spent over $200 on clothes at Reitmans recently (that was for a lot of clothes, though – 2 pairs of capris that are actually the right length for my short legs; tshirts; 2 sleeveless tops; 2 skirts, including linen; a dress off the mannequin because it was the only one my size!).

The yarn? Well, the stuff I showed last time. And I ordered a bunch of cashmere off eBay, from colourmartUK – I ordered two cones and three skeins, and a sample card (photos tomorrow, once there’s light). Upon seeing and feeling the skeins, a most perfect burgundy, I promptly went back and ordered more. Enough for a sweater. I mean, twelve dollars a skein for a hundred yards of aran weight, 100% cashmere is a steal.

But then….then there was Knitpicks. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I feel the pull. There’s all the new yarns; Main Line (80% cotton/20% wool) is on sale this weekend for $1.97 (!) and there’s the needles. They do look lovely and pointy. Don’t know if I like what Lauren said about the sound – I don’t really like the way Addis sound.

Anyway, enough rambling about my consumerism. A sock photo?

These strange little socks go pretty quickly when I work on them – I probably knit four repeats of the stripe at SnB a few weeks ago. I knew there were six black stripes in the cuff, and that I started the heel in pink, but for some reason I just stopped working on it. I should finish these socks, just to get them off the needles.

I made some yarn a while back too. I’m going to dye it, but I don’t know what colour – it’s lovely wool/silk from the Black Lamb, done in singles because I wanted some fast spinning, although I don’t find end-product singles spinning to be very relaxing/easy. I have to really try to spin more worsted, thicker, and with less twist. Pretty, though!

things on my bed

(Sorry for the case of the blurry-hands. I seem to have that today.)

Top, from left: package from eBay containing an iPod hard drive; boyfriend and I attempted surgery on his iPod tonight (prognosis: not good, but there is hope). Titbit in progress. Yarn for design (pretty!). Random skein of handspun that I brought upstairs from where it was hanging out in the living room.

Bottom, from left: New body of Raspy, looking much more reasonable in size (and still so soft and quick-going and thus, satisfying). Pattern. EZ’s Knitting Around (Adrian’s Moccasin Sock looks so great! I think I need to make them too…), a Lindt chocolate, and a row counter, which belongs to Raspy.

I seem to be in a buying mood lately – and there’s only so much I can say is “happy birthday to me”! (My 22nd birthday is on the first of august, in case anyone wanted to send me anything…)

I started thinking about how nice a thin, stretchy but warm black sweater would be. Blue Sky Alpaca! Mmmmmm.

And then I went by the Big R to buy a needle, and found this in the sale room:

It’s Phildar aran weight cotton/acrylic, in a fabulous olive green. I have the hardest time finding this colour, and I love it. It was $6.35 a ball…and then I found out they were having a sale, 20% off everything including sale yarn. Dangerous. I managed not to buy anything else.

More yarn is in the mail, too. Oy. I also kind of want to try this new Knitpicks yarn (there are other new ones too, including a superwash worsted wool). And with all the talk about the Options needles, I’ve been wanting to try those. After all, if they can convert a die hard Denise girl (which I am, as well), they must be pretty good!