A Tiny Bit of Promo

I’ve admired Fiona Ellis’ work for ages – one of her designs was in the very first issue of Interweave Knits that I bought about ten years ago! More recently I’ve also been honoured to have designs published alongside her in Twist Collective. Her awesome cabley brain can’t be beat!

Ruddington at Twist Collective. Photo by Jane Heller/Twist Collective

Fiona was excited to tell me this week about the huge sale going on at Craftsy this weekend – along with her classes, ALL the knitting classes are $19.99 until Monday December 1. It’s a great opportunity to pick up that class you’ve been wanting to take, or as a gift for someone special. I’ve got my eye on some sewing and cooking classes too (Classic Croissants at Home, anyone?).

Parapet at Twist Collective. Photo by James Britain/Twist Collective

You can get insider her brain with her Mastering Cable Design and New Twists in Cables: Fingerless Mittens classes. Or try out the FREE Creative Cabled Necklines workshop! These classes aren’t just for knitting consumers, but designers as well.

Here’s Fiona’s affiliate link to browse all the classes.
Check her out on Ravelry!

When you use an affiliate link, you’re helping support independent designers like us, and we wholeheartedly appreciate your help to sustain living wages in our fibery community.

Tons of yarn is on sale too! They have madelinetosh!

P.S. The Gleener giveaway is still open, until Monday! Have a wonderful weekend.

that time of year again

Not very many people get knitted gifts from me anymore – I did the whole ‘everything knitted’ thing one year but some people would really just prefer a Sephora gift card, you know?

But on my short list of gifts is a scarf, and some toys, maybe some weaving, and of course some socks.

birthday socks

These are actually ‘due’ in mid-December, so I really need to keep at them for a bit! I’m past the heel decreases on this one actually, hopefully I can just power through over the next week. I do love the yarn – it’s Austermann Royal, which is merino, silk, cashmere, and polyamid (nylon?). I bought it at Le Bon Marche in Paris so it’s a bit special!

Pattern is based on Nancy’s Bush’s gentleman’s sock with lozenge pattern (whew, that’s a mouthful) but basically I just looked at the starting point of the diamond pattern and figured my own from there. The recipient has feet on the smaller side, so I’m doing these on 70 stitches, and I just did a plain rib for the top of the sock.

Oh, and for those still left wondering a bit about my whole handbell group thing? Here’s a video! I’m not in it because I only joined a few months ago, but you get the idea!

There’s another video on Youtube here, but it’s a bit racy since it’s got a bit of burlesque in it!

raising the profile

Well, it’s rather late and I meant to post earlier – but then I got all caught up in watching Doctor Who (the new series; I’m on season 2 and rather starting to like David Tennant) and here I am.

I seem to have gotten back some of my knitting mojo of late – I think I was just tired of everything I was knitting, but really needed to do it anyway! I’ve cast on for 2 new projects and they’re both going nice and quick. Photos of them soon.

What I really came by to tell you about are some (rather random) print happenings for me!

First up, I’ve got a pattern in Shannon Okey’s new book, alt fiber – it’s a long jacket in linen stitch, knit with hemp. Yeah, that took awhile. I don’t have any photos at the moment but hopefully Shannon will be able to send some over!

alt fiber

Next up, totally unbeknownst to me until I read the magazine, I got shout outs in the article on knitting in Canada! From the most famous knitter. Pays to know people! (Thanks dude. I totally owe you homemade peanut butter cups.)

ETA: Oops, I don’t know how I didn’t say the magazine! It’s the fall 2008 Vogue Knitting!

14.365 - Vogue!

Second mention in the same article, about Canadian bloggers…hey! I know those other names! (And one in particular who isn’t Canadian – I wonder where they got that from?!)

more Vogue mention

I’m so happy to be making a bit of an impact, and so glad that there’s such a great community of knitters. I don’t know where I’d be without you!