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  • A Tiny Bit of Promo

    I’ve admired Fiona Ellis’ work for ages – one of her designs was in the very first issue of Interweave Knits that I bought about ten years ago! More recently I’ve also been honoured to have designs published alongside her in Twist Collective. Her awesome cabley brain can’t be beat! Fiona was excited to tell […]

  • that time of year again

    Not very many people get knitted gifts from me anymore – I did the whole ‘everything knitted’ thing one year but some people would really just prefer a Sephora gift card, you know? But on my short list of gifts is a scarf, and some toys, maybe some weaving, and of course some socks. These […]

  • raising the profile

    Well, it’s rather late and I meant to post earlier – but then I got all caught up in watching Doctor Who (the new series; I’m on season 2 and rather starting to like David Tennant) and here I am. I seem to have gotten back some of my knitting mojo of late – I […]