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  • etsy update december 8

    I just put up three new woven scarves in my Etsy shop! The one on the right is my favourite, I love how colourful yet muted it is! Weaving is awesome.

  • strawberry season

    Friday I went strawberry picking with Dr. Steph and Denny and their kids, and it was so much fun! We went to Reesor Farm, not far at all, and pick your own sure is pretty cheap! We picked for about an hour, and I came away with 5kg (11 lbs.) for my very own. (Denny […]

  • do me a favour

    And check out my friend rachel m.’s Etsy shop, will ya? She’d love to sell you a set of pretty pretty stitch markers or earrings! (And I love to support my friends.) On a completely different note, I’ve made up my mind and I’m buying a new camera today! Wheee!