Month: May 2011

  • May 21-24: Belfast and home

    On Saturday morning I got up, got some breakfast, packed up my things and headed for the O’Connelly train station in Dublin, which was conveniently located just down the street from my hotel! It took some doing to figure out when the train was from their website – it’s pretty terrible. But I eventually sussed […]

  • May 18-20: Dublin

    Had a hard time getting out of bed to leave Cardiff – that was a damn good bed! I grabbed a sandwich in the morning and took a cab to the airport for my flight. I was really early, but I actually don’t really mind waiting around airports. I had my knitting and reading (just […]

  • May 15-17: Cardiff

    Sunday I caught the train to Cardiff from London – only due to “engineering works”, the train wasn’t going all the way to Cardiff. I had to get off the train at Bristol Parkway along with a LOT of other people, and catch a coach bus replacement. Only a bus doesn’t exactly replace the passenger […]