Month: November 2010

  • catching up

    It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It feels like I’ve been spinning my wheels a little bit (but unfortunately, not the yarn-producing kind) – I keep starting and stopping on different things, and I have so many various projects on the go that even though I’m knitting all the time, I’m not actually finishing anything! That […]

  • Fred+Ginger Cardigan

    Fred+Ginger is a sophisticated fitted cardigan with set in, three quarter length sleeves and softly ruffled edges. The lightweight ruffle is worked in dyed to match cashmere silk laceweight for a fun feminine twist on the basic cardigan. Twisted ribbing completes the buttonbands and collar. Shown in size 37” / 94cm with no ease. Technical […]

  • colourwork inspiration

    A little while ago I was looking through my knitting books for something (I can’t remember what, obviously) and found a book I’d completely forgotten about! Seriously, I don’t remember buying this book at all – I might’ve bought it in Japan, but on the other hand I might’ve gotten at a Knitter’s Frolic here […]