some housekeeping

A little cleaning up of the blog here and there – I’ve updated my Wholesale page with a new up-to-date price list. I’ve lowered the price on a couple of the accessory patterns to match the retail price of the patterns here, so if you’re interested in carrying my patterns at your shop, drop me a line and let me know!

I’ve also updated my Classes page – due to a lack of registration I won’t be teaching at Knit Camp this year. Anyone who signed up for my classes should have received an email with an option for switching or a refund. If you haven’t, you should probably let the Knit Camp people know what you want to do!

Since that means I’m in town all summer now, I’d love if the locals would come and take a class with me at lettuce knit – I’ve got lots of spaces available in my July and August classes.

I’ve spent all day doing computer work (especially final polishing up of the new pattern that’s been seen out and about lately) and haven’t had a chance to knit at all! Time to change that – I’m almost at the end of my first ball of cashmere on this scarf:

this needs a name

Say it with me now: oooooooooooh.

scrunchy and cashmere, what more could you want?

I’m working on a pattern that’ll be ready really soon, so that means it’s time for new projects!


I am in LOVE with this scarf I’ve started out of Jade Sapphire laceweight cashmere. Yes, it’s on small needles and yes, that’s a lot of knitting. But it’s super soft and light, I love the colour and I’m just having a great time knitting it! Very large cables make it scrunch up in really interesting ways. I’ve got over 10″ done and I’ve only worked on it a few days. I already can’t wait to wear this in the fall – I think it might turn out to be one of the most beautiful and wearable things I’ve knit.

a week past

I’m sure you’ve seen Ysolda’s awesome TNNA booth around the internets, but I’ve some photos to share too! Who cares that they’re a little late?

the whole booth

Looking into the booth from the aisle. Featuring Olgajazzzy in the middle!

gudrun's corner

Gudrun’s beautiful corner.

sweaters and shawls

My own corner!

fab posters for Little Red in the City

I LOVE these posters for Ysolda’s upcoming book, Little Red in the City – those buttons and skeins of yarn were surprisingly difficult to pin up there though!

small bob

Small Bob hangin’ with the toys and trains.

photobooth photos

Fantastic photos hanging outside the photobooth. So fun.

And for a bit of knitting content, the shrug I was working on before TNNA, and before I was sidelined by my elbow pain:

sweetgeorgia merino silk DK

It’s in Sweetgeorgia Merino Silk DK, and though I didn’t get to wear it in Columbus, I’m back working on it now! Mmmm, silky.