Month: August 2009

  • productivity at last!

    The button question was very, very close – as of right now it’s 19 for the gray, 24 for the tortoiseshell. Tough, tough, and I must say the gray button advocates were pretty persuasive. What shall I pick? Well, I still haven’t sewn them on yet so you’ll have to hold tight! Today I did […]

  • empty shelves

    Not nearly enough empty shelves yet, but I’m working on it – I’ve packed up my sewing stuff (1 bin), spinning fibre (1 bin), my coffee grinder and air filter, and pretty much all the books that I’m taking with me (8ish small boxes). By the by, if you’re in Toronto and have access to […]

  • destashing part 3: wearables

    Last bit of destashing for just now – stuff that’s ready to wear! Prices are in USD and include shipping to the US and Canada. Peacock Squared Scarf A light and fun woven scarf featuring super soft, high quality hand-dyed yarns. Turquoise with just a bit of fuchsia in narrow accent lines. Plain weave using […]