productivity at last!

The button question was very, very close – as of right now it’s 19 for the gray, 24 for the tortoiseshell. Tough, tough, and I must say the gray button advocates were pretty persuasive. What shall I pick? Well, I still haven’t sewn them on yet so you’ll have to hold tight!

Today I did 3 loads of laundry, my dad bought my mattress and sofa to be delivered next week, I ordered my internet to be hooked up next week as well, packed my stereo, most of my important desk stuff, books, camera equipment, spinning wheel and graphics tablet (a few other things along the way too). Packed up some stuff for shipping and printed my comprehensive list of Stuff I Need.

I’m very tempted to keep packing – I’ve got dishes and stuff to pack up, and of course I could be going through my clothes deciding what to keep. But I think I’m rather done for the day. I’m going to go eat something yummy and block this latest design:

new mini-cardigan

empty shelves

empty shelf

Not nearly enough empty shelves yet, but I’m working on it – I’ve packed up my sewing stuff (1 bin), spinning fibre (1 bin), my coffee grinder and air filter, and pretty much all the books that I’m taking with me (8ish small boxes). By the by, if you’re in Toronto and have access to a Food Basics, it’s a great place for moving boxes – and they’re bigger than at the LCBO!


I’ve measured my new place, although I’ve got a few discrepancies in my own work to figure out, and I’ve been playing with floor plans in Illustrator. I’m thinking that I might get fancy and use Google Sketchup to do some 3D modeling of the place to virtually move furniture around, but who am I kidding? I don’t have time for that!

I’ve been spending non-working days shopping for furniture, mainly a sofa and a new mattress. I think I’ve found a sofa and it’s on super sale! Even with delivery and tax it’s under $500, and it’s leather. Sadly there isn’t much to be found other than Ikea that isn’t super expensive or covered in microsuede or whatever (I hate the texture).

Mattress is being narrowed down too, although I think that among the various ones I’ve liked I won’t be able to tell too much difference once it’s bought and done. I wanted to upgrade to a queen size, but I think the space might be too tight – with a full/double size I can keep my own bedframe and sheets (although I want new sheets too!).

I’m getting a free nice smaller, wood dining table and some chairs from home, and I’m hoping to do some kind of bench seating for the other side of the table. I wanted to ikea hack a banquette together but I’m not totally sure I have the requisite know-how! Then there’s the shelves…oh shelves. Do I go with the classic inexpensive yet oh-so-cheap looking and cheaply made Billy bookcases or not? I’d really prefer to go with something solid wood, something a little nicer…but they might have to do for now.

With so many decisions to be made floating around, it’s no wonder that I can’t decide on buttons for my Honeybee! I don’t want to buy any new ones, so it’s come down to these:

button, button

The top one is a pearly gray shell button, but it’s a little big. I’m leaning towards the bottom one, which is faux tortiseshell (read: plastic). But I’m not married to a decision! Help me out – what do you all think?

destashing part 3: wearables

Last bit of destashing for just now – stuff that’s ready to wear!

Prices are in USD and include shipping to the US and Canada.

peacock squared scarf

Peacock Squared Scarf

A light and fun woven scarf featuring super soft, high quality hand-dyed yarns. Turquoise with just a bit of fuchsia in narrow accent lines.

Plain weave using Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra (100% superwash merino wool) and Blue moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (100% superwash merino wool). This scarf is machine washable, but for best results hand wash, dry flat.

12 inches wide by 84 inches long, including 7 inch turquoise knotted fringe.

Was $95, now just $55 USD.

milk and cream scarf

Milk and Cream Scarf – handwoven by me!
A light and fun woven scarf/wrap featuring Noro Silk Garden yarn.

Whites, creams and beiges shimmer in this wide wrap that scrunches up to wear as a scarf. This self-striping yarn produces subtle, skinny vertical stripes! Plain weave using Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn (40% Lamb’s Wool, 25% silk, 25% nylon, 10% kid mohair). Hand wash, dry flat for best results.

15 inches wide by 80 inches long, including a 6 inch knotted fringe.
was $105, now $75 USD.

galli scarf

Galli Tweed Scarf – A long silk tweed scarf featuring high-quality silk yarn.
Charcoal with multicoloured tweedy bits. Plain weave using Muench Sir Galli (100% silk tweed). Hand wash, dry flat for best results.

8 inches wide by 80 inches long, including 7 inch brown knotted fringe.
was $75, now $50 USD.

Organic Wool Raglan

“Cotton Raglan” from Melissa Leapman’s “Cables Untangled”, knit from 8 skeins of O-Wool worsted merino. Worn once or twice, but I made it too big for me! I can’t bear to rip it out.

$85 USD, or make me an offer (I won’t be offended if you rip it out for the yarn or something).

Bust: 38 inches
Upper Arm: 14 inches
Length from Underarm: 14 inches

scalloped bottom

lace nightie, back

“Lace Nightie” from an old Interweave, knit out of Alchemy Silken Straw (100% silk). Not at all a nightie but a cute layering piece, more of a cami! (Sorry for the old photos – there’s a front view here.) Worn maybe once or twice.

The size is a little tricky, it measures 29 inches across the middle but it’s a halter. Shown on me, 36″ bust. I think it’ll fit from about 32-36 inch bust. $50 USD, or make me an offer!

roundabout tank

Roundabout Tank from Knitting Nature. Knit from Nashua Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton. Worn once or twice. Would make a great vest in the fall! Bust is 34 inches. $40 USD or make me an offer!