Month: February 2009

  • Jan 30-Feb 3: Beijing

    (Whoa, sorry for the long break. India happened.) Our flight from Shanghai to Beijing was on Air China – too bad we didn’t actually bother to order a vegetarian meal ahead of time, because it would have been interesting to see what it would have been! Instead we went to Carre-Four in Shanghai and bought […]

  • Jan 26-30: Shanghai

    Oh, Shanghai. What a weird place. We stayed at my cousin’s place in Shanghai, which is on the east side of the river in an area called Pudong. He wasn’t even in town, so we had it all to ourselves! Big, lovely apartment (with kitchen! and washing machine/dryer!) which made us feel really at home. […]

  • Jan 25: Tokyo, again

    (I can’t believe I’m so far behind on the blog posts! Arghhh.) On the 25th we got up at a reasonable hour and headed out to Kyoto station to head back to Tokyo – we took a different entrance so we stumbled upon a great food stall in the basement somewhere that had lots of […]