it’s over already

Christmas is over already – I suppose I didn’t really get into the Christmas thing this year (except for the insane knitting), mainly because of exams. I did get some nice knit-related things though!

The big Vogue Knitting, Color in Spinning, and Knitting Without Tears! Fabulous books! I want to try the seamless saddle shoulder sweater by EZ – I even have some blue Wool of the Andes that I could do it with. The only thing I’m not really sure about it whether that style would actually look good on me…I’m very much a raglan gal.

I’ve made some end of the year goals – I want to be completely done BPT, and be done knitting and seaming the Urban Aran. I’m close!

giving and getting

The fiery bolero is finally done and steamed! Whew. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

Fiery Bolero
Pattern: by Debbie Bliss, Interweave Knits summer 2005
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, black
Finished: December 24, 2005

Notes: I had a different-gauged yarn, but also needed a bigger size – so I cast on for the largest size in my gauge and fudged a few things. My mom wanted short sleeves, which I tried to do – but ended up having to hem up the sleeve quite a bit, and they’re still not all that short. Ah, well. Lots of boring stockinette, but a pretty cute result.

Here’s a shot of the bottoms of the felted clogs, and specs:

Felted Clogs
Pattern: Fiber Trends
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes
Finished: December 24, 2005

Notes: The WotA feels quite nice, and felts really well! The pattern was well-written and pretty quick, although I found the soles a bit fiddly to do (just not mindless knitting). I used leather (with a grabby material on one side) salvaged from a vintage store $3 bin – I also took off the buttons, and I’m thinking of leather accents for other (sewn) projects!

Everything’s wrapped and under the tree or ready to go. I’m just working on the Urban Aran now – I’ll finish one of the fronts today, since I’m doing it as a cardigan. I’ve also been spinning up a bunch of merino, the thinnest I’ve done – laceweight singles, about fingering/sport weight 2ply. I think I might 3-ply it though actually, depending on when I get sick of spinning the skinny singles.


Hand carders from Megan! Thanks again Megan! I think I’ll be getting some silk noil and seeing what I can do with it. There was also a Christmas yarn Incident:

Elevent skeins of luscious brown Artyarns Supermerino for a sweater for me! Any suggestions? I’m thinking a cardigan.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

I wrote a huge post and then lost it

Sigh. Let’s try this again.

Whew! Since my exams ended (finished the last one on Wednesday at 1:30) I’ve been running around!Two projects were gifted – the supermerino socks were given to megan-my-coworker (who put them on immediately), and the ultramerino socks were given to megan-my-boss.

Progress report – I’m lookin’ good!

Done and Gifted
robot #2 (red and black)
wine bottle cozy, containing a bottle of Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
cabled gauntlets
– supermerino socks
– ultramerino socks

Completely Finished
robot #1 (yellow and grey)
ringel socks
harry potter scarf

Knitpicks Andean Silk, 3.75 mm needles. I think this is the best one I’ve made so far, and I’ve made four!

Almost There:
– felted clogs need bottoms cut and sewn – I’m using suede from the $3 bin at Exile vintage in the Market, and it has great buttons to salvage too!
– fiery bolero. oy. I’m done the front ribbing, just finishing up the back ribbing. That just leaves the second sleeve to be hemmed and some seaming.

I’m so on track! The clogs don’t need to be given until late Christmas Day, so I’ll probably be sewing on the bottoms on Saturday.

So what does this all mean? New sweater!

Cascade pastaza, 5 mm needles.

For those who wondered about my last post, I used Malabrigo in “Azul Profundo”, 5 skeins for the 38″ size of BPT with some but not a lot left over. Yum!

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