roundabout tank

Finally, some photos. The almost completed Roundabout Tank from Knitting Nature – I think I’m going to block it before I sew the straps down, to see if they grow out any. I already shortened them by quite a bit, but we’ll see. They look a little wonky, too. Everything looks kind of blah right now. The magic of blocking, perhaps?

Anyway. Ten hours at work benedryl (hives from unknown trigger) gin = sleeeeeepy laura.






4 responses to “zzzzzzzzz”

  1. Adrienne Avatar

    Tee hee, that is NOT a good combo! LOL

  2. Susan P Avatar

    I did this one last summer in RYC natural silk aran. It looks a lot better on than it does off.


  3. Asaknitter Avatar

    Oh, oops, I can see why you got the ZZZZ. The top is very cute – yes, blocking will fix any wonkiness.

  4. jen Avatar

    Mmmm gin… Would that be Bombay? I’m sure your tank will smooth out after blocking.

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