yarn p-word

I just realized that there aren’t any photos of knitting in this post. Soon, soon…

Some new skeins, spun up from Fleece Artist dyed rovings – the back two are BFL, the green is merino. Yummy. (I think these will be for sale; let me know if you’re interested in any of them.)

I love this one the most, it’s so colourful.

New Yarn Alert! The elusive Vesper sock yarn, in Crew and Strange Little Mama. I worked on a sample sock in the store and just fell for the stripes. Perhaps it’s time for me to try dyeing self-striping stuff.

Note the Addi Turbo – if you know my needle habits, you’ll know that’s highly unusual! (I find them too slippery and blunt.) Hopefully the Vesper, Addi and I will all get along.






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  1. Chris Avatar

    I could deal with a little sharper tips on the Addis, but ooo-la-la, that slipperiness translates to lightning speed for knitting.

    I might change my tune when I start knitting lace.

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