First off the top, my OSW modifications by popular demand –

– I changed the gauge from 16 sts/4″ to 20 sts/4″ (row gauge was the same as the pattern)
– I think I probably did a few more increase rows than given
– sleeves: I joined the sleeve stitches into a round where you’re supposed to do the seed stitch border – obviously I didn’t do that. I placed a marker under the arm and decreased 1 stitch on either side, every 6th row, until I liked the size – I think that was 9 times.
– I did 2×2 rib on the cuffs.
That’s about it for that!

In yarn news…yes, I’m still on a diet. BUT, as a yarn diet to me is more about saving money than rejecting more yarn, I can’t possibly reject yarn that I don’t actually output money for…

So. Blue Sky Alpacas cotton, in a rusty red, enough for a pullover.

I really wasn’t totally, completely sold on the colour, but I can still think about it. I might switch it for the blue –

No, I’m not insane. The blue is for a sample sweater I’m knitting for lettuce knit, the Snap Cardigan by Blue Sky.

I also got a wee bit o’ lorna’s laces, in “Irving Park”.

And, well, as for the Jacke en Blueberry, I got through 2 repeats of the chart when I realized that I’d cast on for the wrong size – I was planning to do the larger size at a smaller gauge, but I cast on for the smaller size at a small gauge! Very small! So I had to rip it all out and start again.

This was Tuesday night, after I ripped. I’m almost back up to where I was. Here’s hoping for some forward progress!



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6 responses to “yaaarn”

  1. Julie Avatar

    I wanted to say that I like how the OSW looks on you–with long sleeves. What I didn’t like about the short-sleeve version was that it did look all too much like what you said it does too in the long-sleeve version. Everyone wearing it looks like they’re wearing not a knitted garment, but some sort of confinement device, or a human version of a dog sweater. If that’s how you end up looking after knitting a One Skein Wonder, who needs the wonder of knitting only with one skein. It looks glam (on you) in long sleeves. Sorry about the wedgie, though.

  2. Samantha Avatar

    That sucks about having to frog the jacket, but at least you caught it before you were finished!! Those yarns all look so yummy. I really like the red colour, though the blue is great too! :)

    Happy knitting! And thanks for sharing you OSW changes. :)

  3. Erin Avatar

    damn you! i needed another skein of irving park to finish my 3/4 finished footies. i bet those were the last two!

  4. Jill Avatar

    I really like the snap cardigan – why didn’t I notice the pattern when I was there yesterday….

  5. Diana Avatar

    I’ve never seen those colors of Blue Sky Cotton before.. they must be new? Lucky you for getting to knit with them!

  6. Allison Avatar

    That Lorna’s Laces is in a really beautiful colorway! Are you planning to make socks or something else?

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