working on the stash

The spinning stash, that is – I just washed up some finished handspun.

yarn for an xmas present

This is some Romney that I picked up *last* year at Rhinebeck. I bought three 8 oz. bags, and I’ve spun up about a pound. The roving was fantastic to work with – drafted like a dream, full of air. It was a bit hairy, as Romney is, but nothing crazy.

mmm, wooly

I bought two bags of one shade and one of a darker shade, so I decided to spin it up into a three-ply, where two of the plies would be the lighter shade and one ply the darker. Woolen prep, woolen spun (long-draw, fast). It spun up really, really quickly and washed up nice and soft.

I think it worked out quite nicely – I think the yarn will knit up into a very cohesive fabric with a tweedy, marled look to the colour. I’ve done about 445 g, measuring in at about 900 yards. Just enough for the project I have in mind (a gift). I still have quite a bit of the roving left over so I’ll probably spin it up the same…but for now, more colourful spinning is calling my name!







4 responses to “working on the stash”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Gorgeous! My current spinning project is eerily similar…

  2. Julie Avatar

    I love it! That mushroom-y brown is lovely….

  3. kitkatknit Avatar

    I always have some Romney going on one off my wheels. Last thing I knitted from it was a winter weight shawl. It will be interesting to watch and see what you knit from yours. I agree with having to move on to more colourful knitting!

  4. Marie Avatar

    As a non-spinner I would love to see what the two colours of roving look like pre spinning!

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