Wool People 8: Bracondale

The new Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 8 is here, and I have a pattern in it! I hmm-ed and haww-ed over submitting to the design call, but I’m super glad I did. This was a pretty challenging design to get out of my head and onto the needles, but I’m pretty proud of the finished sweater!

Photo via Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood

Bracondale is a super cozy, turtleneck tunic with a twist on traditional cables. I worked the front and back pieces on the bias, with braided cables and ribs along with incorporated I-cord along the hem edge. The ribbed side panels help to create a modified opening for the drop sleeve.

Photo via Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood

The turtleneck and sleeves are picked up and worked after seaming the body. The deep dark purple Shelter (Plume) is really beautiful – and I love, love, love the mustard pants they styled Bracondale with!

Photo via Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood

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What’s your favourite from the collection? I love Bristol Ivy’s Keel, but that’s no surprise as she is a genius!



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10 responses to “Wool People 8: Bracondale”

  1. Sara Avatar

    Congratulations! This is a gorgeous design!

  2. Melissa Avatar

    It’s lovely Laura! Diagonal knits always blow my mind!

  3. Susan Avatar

    This is so beautiful! Honestly, it’s nice to see a BT sweater that’s NOT cropped and swingy.

  4. Allison Avatar

    Wow–very impressive! Purple is not my favorite color but that shade is perfect for the cables. I think I may have to go out and knit every pattern out of the new Wool People.

  5. Dani Avatar

    I saw this yesterday and thought of you before I even saw the designer name! Great job Laura!

  6. mary mcmahon Avatar
    mary mcmahon

    Lovely sweater, Laura, great design. Mary in Cincinnati

  7. Beth Avatar

    You can be proud, for sure – what a lovely innovative design! Yes, I love Keel, too. Congratulations.

  8. jody Avatar

    ooh congrats – it’s a beauty! i love the twist on things with the bias but it still fits with a nice silhouette.

  9. carol Avatar

    One word … gorgeous!!!

  10. Diane Avatar

    It’s beautiful, Laura, and I am so impressed. I would have absolutely no idea how to get such a lovely design from my head onto needles! You are very talented!

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