WIP/RIP: more sweaters

Spring stash cleaning continues!

an abandoned sweater

An abandoned sweater attempt – this is almost a whole body! I know I abandoned this one awhile ago because there were no needles in it – I think I’d decided that I didn’t have enough yarn. This one was a bit of a pain to rip out because it’s striped every 2 rows.

dream in color classy

I don't even know what this is

I don’t even know what this is, but it was stuffed into a bag! Maybe a swatch, I’m pretty sure the yarn is Cascade 220 – but why did I leave just a cast-on on the needles? I’ll never know. Ripped!

cashmere tweed

This is a pretty yarn that deserves to be something! It’s 100% cashmere tweed from ColourmartUK – the beginnings of a top-down sweater. I only have 2 cones so it might be a bit tight on yardage, but I might try again. I didn’t pre-wash the coned yarn, but the knitted fabric is way soft!

I’m also trying to work through a bit of my spinning stash. Here’s some Into the Whirled merino/silk. I’m not having much patience with spinning though, so it’s a bit fast and loose. Pretty still!








5 responses to “WIP/RIP: more sweaters”

  1. Julie Slusser Avatar
    Julie Slusser

    What pattern were you using for the ripped out sweater? It looks like a modified brioche? Slip every other stitch and stripe every row?

  2. Carie Avatar

    It’s a shame you ran out of yarn for the first jumper, it’s a lovely stitch pattern; maybe it should be a baby cardigan or a cowl or even a tank top, it’s too pretty to entirely abandon the concept I hope.

  3. Julie Slusser Avatar
    Julie Slusser

    Is this bee stitch?

  4. cosmicpluto Avatar

    Hi Julie,

    It’s eye of partridge stitch (often used for heel flaps), with the yarn striped every 2 rows.

    – laura

  5. Kimberly Avatar

    It’s liberating, isn’t it? I just frogged two pairs of socks that I had finished past the heels but weren’t turning out like I wanted. I hated them and wasn’t going to finish them so I liberated the yarn and the needles! Wheeeeee.

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