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Thanks so much for the great reception of the Rayne pattern! I’m working on the back photos, but it might take a few days…

In the meanwhile, I’m trying very hard to stay on track with stuff that I need to get done, but I must say that the urge to cast on something new is overwhelming – even though I did cast on something new just yesterday!

So, instead of actual progress, how about a current (as in, they still hold my interest) WIP roundup.

noro blanket

– Noro blanket. Xmas present. The panels are all done – they were certainly fast knitting! They’re shown on a double bed, so the blanket’s going to be pretty sizeable once I put the borders in. I’m going to crochet in some black alpaca between the panels and around the whole thing.

– Xmas presents #1, #2, and #3 – Well. #1 is started. Nothing else has been, but I’m hoping one of the other ones that I’ve been planning (a shawl) goes really fast. We’ll see – that’s one I want to cast on for right now!

– Treeline Stripe sweater – I love love love this sweater and really want it to be done so I can wear it! Alas, haven’t really done anything with it lately. The body is done to the underarm and one sleeve is done to the underarm.

– Drops A-line jacket – back and 1.5 fronts done. Quick knitting, but…

Everything’s being overshadowed by a secret project that needs to be done for the end of the month. Which is getting there, now that I’m feeling the crunch (even more) and really trying to knit faster.

Projects I’m tempted by? A cabled sweater based on one Alexis was wearing last week; the Gathered Pullover from the latest Interweave; colourwork mittens; some sort of new winter headgear.

So much to knit, so little time!



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2 responses to “WIP roundup”

  1. Alison Avatar

    Ah, the secret project. :) I know it well.

    Speaking of giant gorgeous blankets, have you seen Kathy Marie’s? Different technique than yours, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw your photo.


  2. Kristina Avatar

    The blanket looks stunning so far! Well done. Good luck with the rest of the projects, especially the secret one, so you can show it to us!!!

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