I finished the back of the Rowanspun jacket today – I think the fronts will go pretty darn quick, and I’ve got a cool idea for the sleeves.

I think I’ve found a good, interesting project for the next little while (well, once I get some other things done, maybe). It’s the mermaid mesh tunic from Interweave (scroll down). I think I’ll do it in the Jaeger Trinity I bought from the beautiful erin in her ebay stash sale. I should have enough; it calls for 5 x 184 yards, and I’ll have 4 x 218 – plus, I’m going to make it both shorter and smaller.

In the meanwhile, I figure it’s as good a time as any to get some things done for the Dulaan Project so Joyce can send out a box in a few weeks. Here’s some handspun I’m going to use:

And some lamb’s pride bulky leftovers – I love the colours together, so maybe I’ll combine them for a sweater or a couple of stripey hats.

My goal is to knit all this up, if not more! I’ve already started a sweater out of the melon-coloured handspun. It was my first wheel-spun yarn (on Denny’s little gem), corriedale, bulky as all get-out. Also my first dyeing experience – kool-aid in the microwave. There’s actually a third little skein of the yarn as well. So far this top-down raglan is looking super! I’ve already separated for the body, so it’s damn quick knitting, too.

I think it’s tiring out my hands a bit due to the bulkiness – and it’s not even that bulky, I’m using 6.5 mm needles – so I’ll take it easy. It’s so cute and small, it’ll be done quick anyway!

4 Responses to “when in doubt, Dulaan”

  1. Liz K.

    I “Dulaan” when I need to meditate on a project going bad too. I love that by helping some cold Mongolian people, I too am benefitting my slowing down my knitting and putting in some thinking time. I also love that virtuous feeling of reducing my stash. It’s that the way helping others always is — you get more out of it?

  2. Michelle

    Oh, I love the look of that Mermaid Mesh Tunic, it looks like perfect summer knitting. I may have to add that one to my list.

    And I keep forgetting to say thank you for mentioning my name to Megan! I’m having a great time working on those photos.

  3. Julia

    I love that bright coral color! So cute and perky with the chunky, playful stitches. I likey. =)

  4. Amanda

    Alright, I really should just knit everything you knit from now on – I love your dreamcatcher cardi and now Mermaid Mesh! You’ve got good taste – can’t wait to see it!


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