I had a great weekend – mostly staying in, playing games, knitting, making food, relaxing. I’m trying to get into a good rhythm of working during the week so that I can have the relaxing weekends, and so far it’s going well. I got some (hopefully good) ideas and finished up some knitting.

on the blocking towel

Since many of you asked, I will be releasing a pattern for the simple shawl that I posted about awhile ago. But since black isn’t really the most photogenic colour, I whipped up another sample to take some photos of. I knit this one start to finish in less than a week, and I hope to have the pattern out in just a few days. It really is the simplest pattern, but sometimes simple is just what you need.

Other yarns I’m working with this week:

28/365 - yarns of the week

Zen Yarn Garden Superwash Worsted, Quince & Co Chickadee, and Johanneshof Yarns Romney, a gift from Rhinebeck!

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  1. Robby

    Yay, about the simple shawl becoming a pattern. I just loved the simplicity of it, but that black was kinda hard to get a good look at. Looking forward to the publication, and some simple knitting to offset the lace that is OTN.


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