what have I gotten myself into??

I’ll get to the title stuff in a minute. First up, some finished yarns – these are the last of some corriedale that I dyed up a while back, and finished spinning a little while ago.

I loooove this red/purple/brown combo. It actually came out quite soft, so I’m sort of contemplating some socks out of it.

Yellow/blue/green. Also very cool.

Here’s both, plus a skein from a couple months ago. I think I want to do something with all of them – but what?? Suggestions welcome!

And here’s a shot of bpt. See the front cables? They sure don’t match the directions of the ones in the photo. I don’t know what gives, but something is wrong with the order of the cable crosses. Oh well, it’s fine.

Mmmmmkay. So. It’s 2/3 of the way through November and I’m just NOW getting requests for knitted Christmas gifts. I’d planned a few already, but now my family’s asking for stuff! Stuff that I need to buy yarn for! Stuff such as a garment! Stuff in cotton, because they won’t wear wool!

The List:
mom: a black cotton shrug (the fiery bolero from the summer Interweave in either Elann Connemara or TLC Cotton Plus
dad: dunno
sister #1: Gryffindor scarf – will be inaccurate, which is fine with her. I was thinking TLC Cotton Plus in red and gold. HP-ers, what do you think?
sister #2: socks (already in progress, and that was already planned) and a black earflap hat
auntie E: felted wool clogs
auntie J: dunno yet, must be cotton
girl cousin #1: Pasha!
girl cousin #2: cabled armwarmers in leftover Cotton Fleece
boy cousins 1 and 2: some kind of toy from Jess Hutchison’s booklet – I’m thinking robots, from stash yarn

ETA: I dug around in the stash and came up with a ball of that red TLC stuff, and yeah, it’s too bright red. I did find a suitable one though, in Butterfly cotton, so all I need is some gold and I’m gold!

How many of these are done? NONE.

I need me some 1-877-SOS-KNIT.



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9 responses to “what have I gotten myself into??”

  1. Jill Avatar

    Laura honey, you sound like me. Everytime I think I’m getting something done, I hit a major roadblock…like running out of yarn for my grandpa’s vest which I have now started and ripped 5 times. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Good luck – we should plan knitting dates were we are only allowed to knit Christmas gifts!

  2. Andrea Avatar

    That’s a lot of knitting in not a lot of time. However, I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and i have faith that you can do it.

    As for your handspun yarn, I think a shawl ala Charlotte-style would be gorgous.

  3. Colleen Avatar

    Get goin’ girl! I admire your lengthy list. I don’t have enough confidence in my knitting speed to plan for so many.

    New yarn looks great!

  4. eunny Avatar

    The yarn is beautiful. No brilliant ideas from me, except maybe roll around in it and giggling hysterically.

    Argh, Christmas knitting! I’m planning on running away to the Caymans and starting a holiday-knitter refugee colony – anyone care to join me?

  5. Laura Avatar

    Good luck with that Christmas gift knitting. You knit so fast, I’m sure you can do it. Your handspun is beautiful, as for what to make with it; you should check out the handspun shawls at Hello Yarn for inspiration.

  6. jacqueline Avatar

    wow! you are turning into superknitter with a list like that.

    i love your new yarn it looks absolutely fantastic. i cant wait to see what you end up deciding to do with it. my brain is numb this morning and all the things i thought of were really twee!

  7. Wanda Avatar

    You’re gonna be very, very busy!

  8. Sara Avatar

    I understand about the Christmas knitting being rather overwhelming… I look at the calendar and want to scream internally.

    I love the blue/yellow/green yarn… the colors work so amazingly together. Do you have enough for a mini clapotis? I think it would look great with that varigation.

  9. Julia Avatar

    Wow, your handspun yarn is amazing. Gorgeous colorways, I especially love the blue and yellow. Impressive!

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