warning: blurry photos ahead.

Gahhhhh. Normally I use an old Olympus digital camera – 2.1 MP, no manual features, sloooow. But the photos come out fine, generally pretty clear and good colour. I’ve used another camera, a Sony Cybershot (DSC-T1) a few times before and had it be fine too. But lately all I can seem to get with it is shots like this:

It wasn’t even really low light, just not super sunny. I took shot after shot, holding my breath when I took the photo, resting my hands on my chair’s arm, etc. Very irritating. I think I’ll go back to my Olympus, thanks – unless someone can help me with this particular problem? It doesn’t even have a tripod mount.

Grey sleeves – Elann Highland Chunky. Super speedy – the second sleeve is already done (and that photo was taken earlier today). For a cardigan.

Blurry black alpaca starting to look like a sweater. Boring but a good standby knit (not that I really need more things to work on).

Last weekend I went to Goodwill in search of another crockpot – I found this:

But no actual crockpot! I’m being taunted.

Let’s see, what else is up…I desperately want to buy yarn. Dude, it’s not like I need more! Although I keep saying to myself that I don’t have much worsted weight wool at all (really, I only have one sweater’s worth, and it’s got a project attached to it) so I should really get some stuff for design playing. Yeah, that’s it.

I’ve also been thinking about the whole holiday pressie situation, and I think I know what I want to do (just a few bigger things). Buy the yarn now? That might lead to adding a few more skeins for myself…thus breaking the yarn diet. Hmmmm. Will have to think about this more.



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11 responses to “warning: blurry photos ahead.”

  1. Dianna Avatar

    A crockpot manual without the pot? Who’d have thunk? Now THAT belonged to someone with OCD and the thrift shop manager has it too! LOL

  2. mote Avatar

    Can you turn the shutter speed up manually?

  3. Briana Avatar

    Maybe try setting the camera on timer – my camera can be set on a 2-minute timer. It at least prevents that slight camera movement from you pushing the shutter, and gives you a second to hold it as still as possible (or already have it set on a table or something).

  4. ivete Avatar

    I have a cybershot too — did you have the mode (the little flower) setting on? I find that if I’m taking a picture from far enough away using that mode, NOTHING focuses. It’s counter-intuitive but I get more detail without it on. Also check that you didn’t accidentally switch to the night function on the dial . . .

  5. not an artist Avatar

    Are you using the camera in one of the ‘modes’ available? Check to make sure that the little flower (which indicates macro mode) is off; this is really for when you are within 6″ of the subject you want to shoot. More a detail setting. Also avoid any of the fancy ‘scene’ settings, I usually get the best results with a point-and-shoot by simply turning off the flash, steadying the camera on the back of a chair or some other relatively stable surface, and shooting. Briana’s suggestion that you use the 2-second timer delay is also a good one, as it eliminates that bit of camera shake you introduce just by pushing the button!

    I hope most of that made sense… drop me an email at miss.hell (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like clarification.

  6. dennymcmillan Avatar

    No. More. Yarn. Dude.

    stay on the yarn diet. Remember the Rhinbeck, remember your u.f.o’s.
    remember your maxed-out charge card.For the love of wool girl, don’t fall of the wagon.Start knitting store samples so you don’t need to buy more yarn. As for chistmas…….Starbucks gift cards.
    Way easy.

  7. emily Avatar

    Mmmm :) Those sleeves look fabulous. I’m lusting over all the options out there for fall/winter knits….what a horrible time of year to be on a yarn diet!

  8. miss ewe Avatar

    Not very technical, but my digital camera won’t focus well when the rechargeable batteries are “tired”. Try fresh ones?

    nice sleeves.

  9. Liza Avatar

    I have those crockpot cookbooks (baking bread in a crockpot??) but burned out the crockpot itself from overuse probably. Keep looking, they are great.

  10. Jade Avatar

    I, too, was going to guess that it was in macro mode. And I will sympathize with your blurry picture woes. When my camera is set to no flash it goes into full manual and I CAN’T get it to take good pictures without a lot of fiddling. It is SUPREMELY annoying. So, yeah, I feel your pain. :)

  11. lily michaud Avatar

    hi, just found your site through the knitty pattern. i really like your patterns, simple and practical, easier said than done apparently, because i haven’t found many that i wanted to knit before yours. i look forward to trying one out. sounds like you have lots of camera suggestions, does it have manual focus mode?
    rock on with your bad self.

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