two down

Cabled Gauntlets
Pattern: based on this free one from Crystal Palace
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, 1 skein
Needles: Brittany US 5 dpn
Finished: December 3, 2005

Pattern notes: I started with 48 stitches and made below-the-elbow armwarmers – the decreasing and increasing still worked out just right. I also did a different thumb gusset. Fun, fast. Still need to be blocked but I figure I’m probably going to be doing a mass-blocking in a little while, so until then, they’re in the FO pile. I’m almost done my sister’s HP scarf, as there’s a scant 2.5 blocks to do – about 10″. Between reading and Dead Like Me tonight, I should be able to finish it. I’ve even cut the fringe already.

In the meanwhile, I got a big order from Knitpicks:

In my defense, not all of it is for me; the pile under the colour-your-own on the left is for Megan H. at the store; we’re both going to make the Nordic Memories pullover from an old IK. There’s also yarn for presents – clogs and toys. But let’s face it, the full bags of yarn in the front are for sweaters for me!

Oh – check out this Koigu (and Palette) massacre…

– it can only mean the end is imminent!

P.S. For those that asked – the Urban Aran is from the Patons “Street Smart booklet”.



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5 responses to “two down”

  1. Kelly Sue Avatar

    Wow. Those cabled gauntlets look lovely warm and soft.

  2. Erin Avatar

    Oo. I like the gauntlets. Makes me want to run over to LK and pick up some cotton fleece to make some of my own. Seriously. I may. Cuteness.

  3. Wanda Avatar

    I love the gauntlets and I’m sure your cuz will too!

  4. Areli Avatar

    I am really enjoying your blog. You always have such beautiful, creative projects. Your gauntlets are lovely.

  5. kimberly Avatar

    Those are amazing! I love them!

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