1) How do you pronounce “malabrigo”? I sell the stuff, I should maybe learn how to say it!


something else?

2) What should I make with this lovely lone skein of Ultramerino? I was originally going to do a pair of purdy socks, but I want to be able to wear this every day and show it off! So my other ideas include a scarfy Clapotis like Jessica’s or a pair of mittens. What you do think?

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  1. Kris

    I’m a rabid Supermerino fan–haven’t tried the Ultra yet. What about making a neck cozy w/ the Ultramerino–maybe w/ cables?

  2. Jessica

    Oh, Ultramerino looks nice. I have a pair of Supermerino socks that I wear ALL the time. The scarfy Clapotis went pretty quick though, and my friend really likes it. I feel all warm and fuzzy from you linking me – of course, that could be the margaritas talking.

  3. reb

    Mittens! Mittens! They are cute! They are warm! Mittens! (though I wanna make one of those mini Clap scarves myself) Mittens!

  4. Andrea

    I vote for mini clapotis. More people notice (and compliment) scarfs than they do mitts.
    I’d like more details on the malabrigo yarn. I started investigating it online after getting my new Lettuce Knit newsletter and I like it.

  5. yahaira

    Mal-a-brigo, I only know cause I speak spanish! What are you making with yours?

    How many yards are in the ultramerino? I saw or a mini-clap

  6. Julia

    I vote for either the neck cozy (kris’s suggestion) or the clap scarf. These two would really show off that color palette, especially the clapotis scarf. I *love* the colors in that yarn, could it be any cheerier?

  7. Diana

    I think the Ultramerino would make great mittens. Not sure what the weight on those is, but how about a pair like the ones in Weekend Knitting?

  8. Saleknitter

    Beautiful yarn.

    Mal-a-bri-go (with the emphasis on the third syllable “bri” (the “i” pronounced similar to a long “e” in English).

    Hope this helps!

  9. Beak Knits

    Please let us know what you decide to do with the Ultramerino. I also have a single skien, and I haven’t figured out what it wants to be yet.


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