Indecision about projects – what do I knit next? What do I do with the yarn I want to knit?

Silky wool/tweed sweater in yet another incarnation – I didn’t rip out the hem (that was a lot of work!) but I took out the red stripe and am planning on just doing a grey body and red sleeves. Hopefully I’ll have enough of the grey! It’s going pretty quickly now though, and is a nice plain knit that I’m rather enjoying. Until I have to decide about the shaping, of course.

I also swatched some of the Rowanspun 4ply I bought from elann awhile back. This is double stranded on 4.5 mm.

I’m getting a touch less than 20 stitches per 10 cm, and I’ve decided to do a simple jacket, based on the Indian Summer Jacket from Interweave (scroll down a bit). No bells and whistles, just plain. With hook and eye tape for the closure, which I think will be pretty cool.

I picked up the tape today at Fabricland, as well a new rotary cutting mat and a bunch of buttons, all at 40% off. Buttons for dreamcatcher? Check! Sewed them on? Not so much. But soon.






4 responses to “tweedy”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Heh, I wouldn’t rip out the hem, either! I really like the texture of that.

    Dreamcatcher is getting closer and closer…

  2. Jayme Avatar

    I think this is my first comment here, but I’ve been lurking for a little while. Hi! Your knitting and spinnign are gorgeous, I don’t know how you get so much done and still manage school.

    I just wanted to let you know that you have to be very careful with hook and eye closures. They can snag your sweater very easily, especially when washing, ask me how I know :( I just don’t want you to put all that work into a sweater with such gorgeous yarn and then have it snag itself to pieces.

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