training commences

I ordered the yarn from megan Monday night and it was waiting for me Wednesday at SnB!

Louet Gems Pearl, in Cream, Navy, Pewter, and Charcoal. More on the colours in a sec…

Note multiple skeins on swift for maximum speed in winding.

Swatch completed. I accidentally mixed up my colour order in the middle there, so it’s slightly screwed up. Feels great. Gauge is a bit on the small side, but I think I did knit tighter since it was my first go and on a circular swatch. I’m still going with the yarn and needles.

The colours…oh, the colours. Cream is excellent, navy’s good too. It’s the charcoal and pewter that are giving me troubles. I wanted shades of grey (like the original sweater), and then the navy and cream. I even had the colour card in my hand when I ordered the colours. But the charcoal turned out to be extremely green (to the point where it really just looks dark dark green) and the pewter is like…greyish tan. Hmmmm. I think it still looks ok, but it isn’t really what I was going for.

Something to ponder.






9 responses to “training commences”

  1. moody knitter Avatar
    moody knitter

    The swatch looks cool!!
    More power to ya sister. Anything with that many colors in small stitches just makes me cringe!! Good luck.
    The greys do look a bit green. But I still think that they look good together.

  2. yahaira Avatar

    the swatch looks great! could it be the colors together offsetting each other? maybe depending on what they’re next to they’ll look more green or grey

  3. Jill Avatar

    Hmm – the swatch does look great but I agree that the charcoal does seem to look a little green. That’s interesting. I think the sweater is going to be amazing.

  4. Lauren Avatar

    I’ve never seen the multiple winding at once. Craziness!

  5. Melissa Avatar

    wow… you are ambitious! Good luck with that sweater ;)

  6. Julia Avatar

    That is something to ponder. I see what you mean about the greenish-ness and tanish-ness. (I see more green in the dark than I see tan in the light, though). I’m sure if you wanted to return it they would let you, especially after you show them your blog comments with people agreeing with you! That said, I think the colors are still beautiful together, maybe more colorful than you intended, but it looks really great.

  7. Chris Avatar

    How does that multiple winding work?! You have all three on the swift, but just wind them one at a time?

  8. Susie Avatar

    One of those things I’ve not been able to master…stranded knitting. You make it looks so easy! Looking at your swatch (swatch! as in…not the actual item…) I am so envious. I wanna be able to do that.

    You’re a brave woman. And it’s going to be beautiful, regardless.


  9. Miss Twiss Avatar

    What a challenge! I’ll be watching your progress throughout the competitions. I’m playing in the Knitting Olympics too, I’ll be knitting up my first pair of socks!

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