What’s in this box? Hint: it ain’t a computer. The box is slightly beat up after a long and convoluted journey through several states and then up here.

It was a whopping 27 (actually I think it was a bit more than that!) pounds of SOLID MERINO ROVING. Holy multiple sheep, batman. 7″ dpns for scale.

I got so excited that I started winding off balls of it and forgot to watch my show (Weeds). D’oh. But…the WOOL!

Each of those balls is a pound! You can’t really see in the last picture there, but there are three bags – the top two are both 5 pounds each, then bottom one 2 pounds (for splitting with people). After winding off 16 pounds, what’s left is for my friend Denny and I:

About 8 pounds each! Whew!

The wool is very nice, it’s super soft, silky and quite fine. I can’t wait to get dyeing, or even just spinning it up white – I think that’s what I’m going to do for a sweater’s worth of yarn, and then either dye the yarn or maybe just leave it natural.

15 Responses to “three bags full (and more!)”

  1. Julia

    Oo! I’m so excited to see what you do with this…I plan on experimenting with using plants to dye yarn this summer (after being inspired by Siri over at the Knittingiris blog). Post in detail! ; ) Have fun

  2. natasha

    first, your blog is wonderful. secondly, i was wondering where you got your fibre from? i spin also and dye and the whole 9 yarns, so make sure you post yarn photos!

  3. Erin

    Holy freaking crap. Denny will have a greeeeeeeeeattttttttt time with that stuff!!! Even though my spinning is kind of taking a back seat to my obsessive knitting, I’m jealous.

  4. rhelynn

    What a wonderful ‘resume’ of FO you have (on flicker). And – 27 pounds of MERINO! **boggles in wonder and admiration**

  5. MJ

    I know this is late, but I had to comment on this particular post. Twenty-seven pounds of gorgeous merino. Wow. There’s going to be a lot of spinning and dyeing in your future!

  6. sophie

    Hi I would like to know where you purchased this beautiful wool. Sophie


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