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Thanks for all the compliments on sapphire guys! I really appreciate it.

Always eyes forward, I’ve finished knitting the ribbed corset. Here it is blocking, very stretched.

It’s more promising that it’ll fit now, but still a bit iffy. The stomach area is fine, but the bust could be…er…flashy? At any rate, I’m going to put the buttons on and then see. I haven’t even woven in the ends yet.

I hate those little metal things that hold the buttons onto the card. I’ve been using a staple remover, but it doesn’t work all that great – one of those sharp corners (on the metal thingy) poked me under the nail! After that, I had to go hunting for a pair of pliers. Luckily I found them, and now all buttons are liberated.

I finally got to a bit of spinning, and I navajo plied for the first time on some random singles that had been sitting on the bobbin for awhile. It’s VERY overtwisted, but that’s ok. It was just an experiment – it’s very cool. Will definitely be doing it more.

In stash enchancement, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Watercolor”. I think I’ll do the “go with the flow” socks with it.

One waving lace sock down, one to go. I think the second one will go faster.

I think I’ll start a new, plain sock with some of that knitpicks yarn – something to knit while reading!



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7 responses to “this and that”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    The socks look great! Hmm… that’s a good pattern for… me! Hehehe :) I hope the corset fits up top, I’m with you on the need to hide the girls, most of the time ;).

  2. naomi Avatar

    The corset looks great! I’m impressed that you finished it so quickly. Good luck with the decolletage, though–that could counteract the speediness.

  3. Siri Avatar

    Thank you for showing a blocking shot of the corset. I had no idea that it was constructed that way. Beautiful and quite simple, really. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that it’ll work out for you.

  4. Deb Avatar

    The spinning looks good. I Navaho-plied my first skein, too, and all I’ll say was . . . the results were interesting! Didn’t matter, though, I was (and am) still proud of that skein!

  5. Esther Avatar

    You are a knitting fiend!!! My lord, I read your blog pretty regularly and was just commenting to another knit/blog friend of mine that you knit so fast!! Your projects all come out so lovely and before you can blink an eye you’ve got two or three more ready to go!! I ENVY YOUR SPEED/SKILL!!

    The corset pattern is beautiful – I just purchased it also. The sock is fabulous and your sapphire top – to die for.

    You go girl! You’re an inspiration :-)

  6. Toni Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the FO!

  7. Wanda Avatar

    Just wondering how the corset went and if it fits. I can understand about keeping the girls in check. I would definitely have a problem with that corset top.

    Love the color of Lorna’s Laces.

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