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The Knitpicks circs? Friggin’ rock. Well…I will say that this opinion is currently limited to the 2 mm ‘classic’ circular. I’m not that hot on the interchangeables – too heavy, I don’t like having to screw on the tips (and some of them were really hard to get on; also, hard to grip due to slipperyness), and I found them too loud. Denise needles are nice and quiet.

The point is really nice, though. I started this sock on Addis and switched to the Knitpicks, and that super pointy tip sure helps with the twists! It just gets right in there!

They’re the “Traveler’s Stockings” from Knitting on the Road, in some superwash sock yarn I dyed, and I’m really liking it. I’m glad this chart ends after 35 rows, though – it’s a bit slow for me. I do like knitting stockinette socks – just round and round, little to no thinking involved. Needed a bit of a challenge, though, and I think these qualify.

I’m done the body of Raspy (photo taken earlier in the day):

I’ve started a sleeve. I think I’ll take out some rows here and there, but I don’t want them too end up too short!

I’ve had itchy fingers lately (both figuratively and literally – damn eczema is flaring up a bit) and I want to cast on for a whole bunch of things at once. I think I just might…the other thing is that I want to buy yarn for projects I want to knit. Ha! Like I’m going to immediately cast on for all these things?

The stash thing is kind of getting out of hand. So I’ve got a plan, I think a doable one – no yarn buying till the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, where I can buy some stuff; then, no yarn buying till Rhinebeck. I have plenty to keep me busy!

And just a quick aside in finishing of old projects – anyone have a recommendation of where I can buy some 8 mm mother of pearl beads to put on my Vintage Blue Cardigan? I want to go non-plastic on this one.

ETA: Alexandra suggested and ebay seller and I’ve already bought some! Vintage round buttons with a shank for nine cents each. Can’t beat that! Thanks for all the suggestions.



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  1. Alexandra Avatar

    I was just looking for mother of pearl buttons today. I found an ebay seller with vintage ones for dirt cheap, but they’re 10mm–email me if you want the name.

    Buttondrawer has MOP, too. There are more besides what’s on that page, listed as pearl buttons, but they’re even more expensive.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    I’m with you on the yarn diet. Nothing until either k-w knitting fair or if I don’t get there again this year, Boxing day sales.

    I would try Arton beads on queen west. They might have something behind the counter.

  3. grumperina Avatar

    I can check for you at the shop where I got my buttons – they are genuine MOP, and antique to boot! Just let me know, and I’ll inquire what sizes they currently have.

  4. mel Avatar

    Try BeadFX (, they are just north of me so I could save you a trip if they have what you are looking for and bring the beads to the Sn’B.

  5. amyKnitty Avatar

    beads? arton all the way. they have everything from cheap to super luxe including real pearl. queen a few blocks west of spadina, south side. (best prices in town, as far as i know)

  6. Gina Avatar

    How odd. I must be one of the few knitters that don’t notice how heavy or light a needle is. I do like the tips on my KnitPicks Options — nice and pointy!

  7. Macoco Avatar

    Ohh a yarn diet – unfortunately I’m with you on that one!

  8. jill Avatar

    We all know how I feel about buttons!

  9. Jess Avatar

    KW Knitter’s Fair? Where can I find the details?

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