When your yarn looks like this:

(Yep, that’s all one strand. Four 4-ply strands.)

…you often get these.

The Madil bamboo is also EXTREMELY SPLITTY. And this one doesn’t recover as well as the Pingouin (for the sapphire tank).

Another type of split – a split decision. I don’t know which of the following to put on the sleeves of the Banana Cream cardi.

Branching Leaves?

Or Diamond Spiral?

Sometimes I lean towards one, sometimes the other. I’m thinking the lace because it’s for a warmer-weather cardi anyway – I can do the leaves on something else in the fall or winter. What do you think?

From the same book, this one is just a pattern that I’d relaly like to do sometime – don’t know what in, though.

Leaf Cascade.

16 Responses to “the splits”

  1. Administrator

    :) the book’s “the Encyclopedia of Knitting”. not a very large or particularly detailed book, but it’s not bad and has some nice stitch patterns.

  2. s. brownrobie

    i had a nasty splitty yarn that behaved itself right away once i switched to my denise circulars. i usually prefer using metal, but i prefer almost ANYTHING over splitting yarn.

    (and i vote diamond because unsolicited advice from perfect strangers is the best, no?)

  3. Krista Jo

    I’d say go for the lace… the branching leaves pattern is awesome, but raised stitches on the sleeves just make one’s arms look bigger….

  4. Emy

    Diamond spiral!

    Coincidentally, I have knitted up a scarf with a similar design just last week!

  5. Rachael

    Leaf cascade is lovely – I’d go for that. And, dude, Spencer is AWESOME. I totally want to make that one….

  6. Kristin

    They’re all so nice. What book are you referring? Can you email me with the specs?

  7. Samantha

    Diamond spiral for the cardi. I think the branching leaves one would be great on a more wintery sweater.

  8. Eileen

    I vote Branching Leaves! I think it’ll look better with the seed stitch you’ve already got going.


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