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Hi. Okay, so the Big Paper is in, and I’ll be back to more regular posting, at least until my finals are closer! First up, some results from my survey – those of you not really interested, feel free to scroll down to some close-to-completed projects!

Of 187 responses that I received, 116 were from Canadians, 67 were Americans, and 4 were other – this is the country of raising from 8-18. Remember the photo of the people waiting? Among the Canadians, 33% responded with some form of ‘line’, 47% with some form of “lineup”, 5% said queue, and the rest were others. Among the Americans, 70% said “line”, 20% said “waiting” or “standing” in line, and the rest were other.

In the self-rating of use of terms, over 94% of the Americans chose “line” always or often, while 62% of the Canadians said they used “line” always or often, and 63% said they use “lineup” always or often as well. So – it’s pretty obvious that in Canada, one can say they were in a couple of “lineups” today and not mean they were at the police station a lot, while Americans don’t. This is also reflected in some dictionaries (I looked at quite a few, but definitely not an exhaustive amount) – a few American dictionaries had only definitions relating to police investigations or sports (baseball lineup) while Canadian dictionaries also defined “lineup” as being just a row of people, or a queue. So there you have it!

The knitting! Cable/rib, with new sleeve caps in, collar on, toggles laid out (but the attachments aren’t done), blocking. Only the top part, which is why it’s a different colour than the bottom half of the sweater!

And I finished the body of Dreamcatcher earlier this week, then did the medallion part at SnB on Wednesday night. After one incident of screwup-age, it went super quickly. Tends to do that when you’re decreasing by half every other round or so!

I think it looks awesome! It’s all unblocked and raggedy looking here of course, but with some lovin’ I’m sure it’s look faboo.

So just a little sewing up and finishing to do (Dreamcatcher seems to have a lot of ends) and I’ll have not one but TWO new sweaters! And I actually need them – I keep thinking I want to wear a cardigan, then realize I don’t really have any appropriate spring-ish ones.

What’s next? More sweaters, obviously. Some stockinette…to go with the studying. Hmm.






10 responses to “the results”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Those Canadians! Speak so differently! Yes, the sweater looks to be different colors, but I’m wondering if that’s just the photograph? Or maybe the top is more wet than the bottom, a blocking thing?

  2. gray la gran Avatar

    the dreamcatcher sweater is going to be stunning! the color looks like blood oranges on my monitor :)

  3. Carolyn Avatar

    Congrats on finishing the Big Paper! (Why does work always get in the way of knitting?) I can’t wait to see Dreamcatcher all blocked and ready for its close-up. Was it strange to knit a sweater with a big hole in it?

  4. Liz K. Avatar

    Gorgeous almost FOs! I love the cables on the cardigan.

  5. Karma Avatar

    Congrats on getting The Big Paper finished! Loving both sweaters. Both so wearable.

  6. maggieBB Avatar

    both sweaters look awesome – i especially like the cabled cardigan :) looks delightful

  7. Tanya Avatar

    Both sweaters look great. Can’t wait to see them finished!

  8. Chris Avatar

    Oh, Dreamcatcher is looking so cool! Love the cabley toggley goodness of the other sweater, too.

  9. Julia Avatar

    Yay! The Cable/rib looks amazing, as usual. I really like the variations in color, the toggle buttons, and of course the beautiful celtic-looking cables. It’s so gorgeous. I always admire your beautiful knits!

  10. Emy Avatar

    That cable/rib looks fabs! I’ll love to knit something like that when I’m done with my crochet dress!

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